Siberian cat (photo): gentle fluffy with royal character

A considerable influence on the formation of the character and appearance of the Siberian cat was given by its interaction with the forest cat, who lived there in Siberian forests


Origin: Russia

Class: semi-long-haired cat breed, category II, SIB standard

Usage: Pet

Color: diverse, the most popular considered black and brindle

Sizes: weight: cats – 6-10 kg; cats – 5-6 kg

Life span: 17-20 years

Siberian cat will become a faithful companion and devoted pet for people with a strong character.

This fluffy, like an Abyssinian cat, has own opinion and self-esteem, but authority the owner puts in the first place.

In moments of joy, the cat will share pleasant moments with you, and when the owner without mood will not bother and annoy.

Luxurious Siberian girl is a joy for the heart and eyes

Luxurious Siberian girl is a joy for the heart and eyes


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a cat
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 Combing
    • 5.2 Walk
    • 5.3 Nutrition
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 characteristic diseases
    • 6.2 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knitting

Breed history

The exact date when the Siberian cat breed appeared in Russia, no, because they migrated to the territory of the Russian Federation along with merchants and immigrants from Asia.

New Siberians brought with them pets gradually acquired the appearance of a modern Siberian cat or how it used to be called “Bukhara”.

The modern breed was formed in the Urals in Siberia, which is why it is called “Siberian”.

In this region, most of the year the weather is raging, due to cold piercing winds and frosts in cats, as in neva masquerade, formed thick undercoat and long thick coat.

Considerable influence on the formation of character and appearance gave interaction with the forest cat that lived there to this time.


Since in Siberia, where the Siberian cat comes from, most cold years are rampant due to piercing winds and frosts in the cat has formed a thick undercoat and a long dense wool


Siberian cat has a difficult character, because these animals are full of their own dignity, and subjugate them to their will rarely happens.

Some innate stubbornness cannot be broken by any punishment and training, so there’s no point in zealous with the training.

But a little severity in raising a cat of this type is not it will hurt.

Distinctive features of the Siberian character can be called:

  • Devotion Siberian cat like oriental, always chooses one the leader of the pack, ie to the owner she will be faithful, but to the rest family members will be treated condescendingly, and maybe even with a touch of excellence.
  • Calm. Siberian cat will jump, frolic or spin around the table, these animals are distinguished by poise and elegance, although sometimes Siberian can afford liberty.

Siberian cat always chooses one leader

Siberian cat always chooses one leader “from the pack”, i.e. кхозяину она будет верна, а вот к остальным членам семьи станетотноситься снисходительно, а может даже и с ноткойпревосходства

  • Following habits. The only hobby for the Siberian will become your favorite toys. With their help, a cat can be lured to the right place, and unattended game items can become cause unexpected fun for the hosts.
  • Caution. In a room with strangers Siberian cat will behave neatly and, like Scottish Straight is unlikely to go hand in hand, but usually does not show aggression, trying to leave for a while in an inconspicuous a place.

One way to determine the character of a Siberian cat is to take a photo or video with her participation, the pet’s external behavior betrays him temperament.

There are cats who spend almost all the time in a calm state – sleeping or simply resting on the bed.

And other representatives of the breed explore everything around, but do it is graceful and attentive, without noise and running around.

The Siberian cat has a difficult character, because these animals are full of their own dignity, and it rarely turns out to subordinate them to their will.

Siberian cat has a difficult character and a tiger Since these animals are full of their own dignity, rarely subject to their will


Today, a Siberian cat is used as a domestic cat. Siberians perfectly catch mice and their presence scare away other small rodents from the house.

That is why you should not keep next to these pets rodents such as squirrels degu or lemmings.

How to choose a cat

Siberian cat kitten can be weaned from mother at the age of 3 months.

By this time, the animal will learn to lacquer food from the saucer, use the tray and get the necessary skills to communicate with others representatives of the animal world.

A healthy kitten should be active and fun.

A healthy kitten must be active and fun.

According to user reviews, the character of the Siberian cat changes slightly over time, so look carefully for the behavior of a small animal.

If the pet is active and cheerful, you are lucky – the cat will be a wonderful domestic animal.

But it’s better to refuse to buy sluggish and shy kittens, infant fear can cause aggression and insecurity in older age.

When choosing a baby in a nursery, focus on inquiries about health, check vaccination information and check correct filling of documents.

And when buying a cat remotely, be sure to ask for a photo of the Siberian cats, to at least visually assess the conformity of the animal breed.

Small representatives of the Siberian cat breed

Small representatives of the Siberian cat breed

Care Features

The rules for caring for a Siberian cat are simple, and if you follow them regularly, your pet will always look great.


Since the fur of Siberian seals is thick and strong, There are no special problems with caring for her.

It rarely gathers in tundra and does not fall to shreds when molting. However, care for her is necessary.

It is necessary to accustom a pet to a furminator younger age, then the animal will be calm during procedures.

Most of the dead hair enters the seal’s stomach after morning wash of your tongue to help your pet cope with unnecessary additives, you can add oats or natural the grass.

Siberian cat is that predator

Siberian cat is that predator

Siberians should not be bathed often, the best option is once a 7-10 months, the exception is pets attending regular Exhibitions.

But you also need to teach animals to bath procedures from a younger age.

It will also be useful to buy or do it yourself scratching post for pet.


Since the nature of the Siberian cat breed was formed from mixing different types of domestic and wild cats, in modern representatives of this species are present hunting wild manners.

So that the cat can throw out the accumulated energy and not lose its hunter’s natural gift, he needs regular walks on fresh air.

It’s worth putting a flea collar on the animal and ticks.

Luxurious red-haired Siberian on a winter walk

Luxurious red-haired Siberian on a winter walk

At first, you can walk with a kitten on the street together (if you live in the apartment) or leave the pet for a short time in limited space in the yard

To do this, you can fence part of the lawn or put a semicircular limiter against the wall.

When the animal gets used to a new place, it will not be for long go away for a longer walk, but will definitely return to to your home.

Important! Siberians are not afraid of frost due to thick dense coat, so they walk perfectly even in fierce I am cold.


Siberian seals perfectly eat any food, starting with the usual human food, and ending with special dry mixtures to maintain the shape and appearance of the coat.


Since the fur of Siberian seals is thick and strong, there are no special problems with caring for her – she rarely gathers into warlocks and does not fall out in shreds when molting. However look after she still needs

At least sometimes in the diet of a cat must be present:

  • meat;
  • dairy products;
  • goat milk;
  • quail eggs.

A complex of vitamins to maintain color and densities of wool.


Characteristic diseases

Siberian cat is in good health, this breed practically not susceptible to disease, but illiterate care or birth defects can adversely affect an adult pet.

Do not be surprised if your Siberian cat will periodically go away on business. This is normal. She walks up and returns home.

Do not be surprised if your Siberian cat will periodically go away on business. This is normal. She walks up and returns home

The most common congenital illness is considered hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – genetic changes in the walls of the ventricles, but this rather an exception than a rule.


To completely eliminate health problems, cats need vaccinate regularly.

It is also necessary to give drugs against helminths and monitor condition of the ears and teeth.


The first step is to prepare the cat for mating, for which make all necessary vaccinations in advance and carry out prophylaxis helminths.

Now you need to choose a gentleman for a purebred Siberian cat only Siberian will be the preferred partner, so as not to spoil the breed.

The right partner is the key to a beautiful, healthy offspring

The right partner is the key to a beautiful, healthy offspring

Knitting takes place “at home” at the groom – you need to stock up on your favorite food cats, trim her nails and transport the bride to carrying.

In place, you just have to open the carrier and instantly to leave so that the cat does not worry.

Knitting will occur within the next 20-24 hours, pick up a pet from the groom can be a day after a successful process.

Important! If the cat doesn’t allow herself cat, they should be left together in a closer atmosphere so that the animals smelled each other.

Siberian cat: gentle fluffy with a royal character

Siberian cat character. Siberian cat has breed character shows high intelligence, calm and devotion to his to the owner, these are massive feline representatives with graceful mores

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