Siberian aibolites gave the cat new legs

Cat Smoke was very unlucky at first: the harsh winter in Novosibirsk, she managed to freeze all four paws, ears and tail. Veterinarians saved the life of a cat, but limbs had to amputate; but recently specially designed for Dymkki and made unique dentures.

Interested passers-by picked up on the street and brought to the clinic two stray animals with completely frostbitten limbs. Veterinarians called the gray cat Haze, and the red cat, as you can was to guess, Ginger. The doctors decided not to try only save their life, but also restore the opportunity move independently. They made for their patients individual bionic prostheses from titanium coated special composition that prevents tissue rejection.

Veterinarian with Ginger

Now animals can fully move on new paws

Dentures were implanted into the stump, which remained instead frostbitten paws. While the animals recovered after a difficult operations, Siberian veterinarians made devices for convenience walk. Ginger got comfortable new paws made of silicone – they put directly on the dentures, like boots. And for Haze developed an even more modern version is made of soft plastic.

Now that the experiment has successfully completed and Ryzhik with Haze feels great, doctors are looking for them caring the hosts. The girl who saved the cat from the winter street, I decided to pick it up for myself. And for the cat they are still looking for the best hands – not Want to pick up Ginger?

Video: new paws for a cat

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