Shelter for dogs in Moscow and the Moscow region. Give life to a friend

In European countries, in America, in the order of things when they take a dog in a family without a pile of documents confirming its pedigree, but just a four-legged friend from the shelter. We have this trend too gaining momentum – you can take a dog from a shelter in Moscow to give a little happiness to the pet and yourself. And some, having been to in such places, they are always imbued with the spirit of help and mutual assistance, help walk or overexpose dogs, share feeds and drugs for vaccinations and treatment, create volunteer teams, keep blogs, sites, communicate on forums so that as much as possible dogs found a real home.

Taking a dog from the shelter, you will get a faithful and loyal friend. In addition, you do not need to pay a fabulous sum for it.

Taking the dog from the shelter, you will get a faithful and devoted friend. TO also, you do not need to pay a fabulous sum for it

We have collected information on what dog shelters exist in Moscow and the Moscow region. All of them are volunteer, many are frequent, less commonly municipal. There are always welcome in kind or monetary help. Do not be surprised if you do not find the exact address. The owners they are afraid of visits by dog hunters. In addition, people, knowing the exact address, throw their own and alien dogs, puppies. You can just call volunteers and specify where a particular dog shelter is located in Moscow. You can not give a dog to each of them because of their overcrowding. However, specify everything in a telephone conversation.

In Moscow and the Moscow region there are many shelters where you can find your favorite

In Moscow and the Moscow region there are many shelters where you can find your favorite


  • 1 Shelter for dogs “Woof”
  • 2 Animal Shelter by Алма
  • 3 Municipal shelter “Iskra”
  • 4 Animal Shelter “True Friends”
  • 5 Oak Grove Municipal Animal Shelter
  • 6 Shelter for dogs “Red Pine”
  • 7 Shelter for dogs “Guard”
  • 8 Animal Shelter “Зоорассвет”
  • 9 Bim Shelters for Cats, Dogs, and Wildlife

Shelter for dogs “Woof”

A shelter “Woof” appeared about five years ago by the efforts of a girl named Inna and her husband in the yard of her house. It all started with 15 dogs, with which managed to find a common language. Today the shelter contains about 300 dogs. People, knowing the address, threw dogs, others themselves came, some married couple picked up on the street – they were sick or weak. Inna with her husband and family lives in shelter, and devotes all their time to their beloved pets, and they pay reciprocate her. There are 6 month old puppies and adult dogs, healthy and not very. In the process – the construction of the hospital. Team Volunteers will be grateful to those who will help to complete the begun. Here you can take the dog, but not give it back, even for a temporary accommodation. Anyway, bye.

Odintsovo district, the village of Small Vyazemy. It is by Mozhayskoye highway, 28 km from MKAD + 7 (901) 56-13-46 (hostess Inna), +7 (901) 565-13-46 (volunteer Maxim), +7 (926) 678-56-61 (volunteer Tatyana)

There are dogs in the shelters that the volunteers picked up on the street, or those that the owners brought for some reason.

There are dogs in the shelters that the volunteers picked up on street, or those brought for any reason the owners

Animal Shelter “Alma”

Private shelter created and maintained at the expense of the owners and volunteers. It exists for 18 years (since 1998) only dogs, but also cats – their number is already more than 200. Animals healthy and vaccinated – the owner of the shelter Lyudmila watches this Vasilievna, heals, vaccinates, sterilizes. Pets will be grateful for food, medicine, vaccinations, cash assistance, bedding, dishes, assistance in overexposure or extension of dogs and cats. In 2012, flayers set fire to the shelter, considering their job right.

m. Aviamotornaya, st. Pond Keys + 7 (495) 361-46-29 or +7 (916) 403-38-8, +7 (926) 658-77-75

These little eyes want a new family.

These little eyes want a new family

Municipal shelter Iskra

About 30-40 cats and 200-250 live simultaneously in the shelter adult dogs. Shelter affairs: blog, social media page, website, lead volunteers. You can ask them questions that concern you. Pets are happy see future owners and helpers who want to become volunteers (not under 18) on Tuesdays and Fridays after dinner. You can help medicines, clothes, bedding, food, toys, financially, overexposure and walking, transport services in Veterinary clinic with photo shoots and a further PR campaign.

m. Babushkinskaya or Medvedkovo + 7 (905) 757-41-66 Maria – attaches cats, +7 (916) 643-74-25 Natalia – helps dogshttp: //www.inskra-priyut.rf or,

In shelters you can find thoroughbred dogs, healthy and not so

In shelters you can find thoroughbred dogs, healthy and not highly

Animal Shelter “True Friends”

A private shelter that the state does not help to maintain. Therefore, the owners and volunteers, and their wards. And there were many wards, almost 100 dogs and so many cats. And there is a shelter for 17 years (since 1998). Are engaged business owners professionally, many pets were picked up on the streets sick and helpless, treated. The shelter is cramped, but together. Basically, in the shelter only adult cats and dogs, but also they need a house, a true friend.

All-Russian Exhibition Center, Botanical Garden + 7 (499) 972-43-22 Olga, +7 (499) 972-40-83 Tatyana

All shelter pets need your love and care.

All shelter pets need your love and care

Municipal animal shelter “Oak Grove”

The shelter is municipal, that is state, but it is not means that huge funds are being poured into it. If consider, how many dogs live here, and there are almost 1,500, it becomes clear how they need your help, how all the dogs want to find, finally, my house. You can take a puppy in this shelter for dogs in Moscow or an adult dog, help with overexposure or treatment, and just come and walk the tailed pets. Thanks to volunteers and not to indifferent people hundreds of dogs have already acquired a real, permanent house.

Ostankin platform, near Rostelecom, ul. Oak Grove, 23-25 + 7 (916) 127-88-04 (volunteer Tatyana)

Most of the shelters were created at the expense of volunteers, so if you wish, you can help both financially and physically.

Most of the shelters were created at the expense of volunteers, so that, if desired, you can help both financially and physically

Shelter for dogs “Red Pine”

The shelter is organized by the Moscow municipality. In society dedicated volunteers work. It contains mostly adult dogs. Puppies Pore Arrangement Attach to other shelters. I constantly need transport assistance, veterinary, canine, financial, grocery. You can just to come on Wednesday or at the weekend to walk with the dog or choose a friend. But only children older than 18 years. Each visitor is familiar with the rules and must strictly observe them. After all, it directly depends on this the health, mood and safety of dogs. More rules can read on their page.

m. VDNH, st. Red Pine + 7 (968) 759-59-16 (volunteer Alice) or +7 (926) 153-11-49https: //

Dogs, cats, and other animals live in some shelters.

In some shelters live dogs, cats and other animals

Shelter for dogs “Guard”

A shelter was created in the 90s of the last century by dog handler Fokin Sergei Nikolayevich why he had to sell his apartment and Settle right in the shelter. And he wanted to post there veteran dogs who valiantly performed public service. With time new dogs appeared – from the street. And today they live here 20 cats, more than 80 dogs and even a cow. Many pets have found a new home, others need support, both medical and sociological. Therefore, from extra hands, like from any other help, Fokine never does not refuse. While the shelter is in the village of Nagornoye. But the authorities and the new owner of the plot decided in the summer of 2015 to vacate territory. New aviaries are being built in Divovo.

Pushkin district, Nagornoe + 7 (915) 247-12-98 (Sergey Nikolaevich)

The shelter workers are trying to devote to surround the care of all their wards

Shelter workers try to devote surroundings with care to all their wards

Animal Shelter “Zoorassvet”

Natalia Valentinovna Khrameshina created a shelter. Here today about 50 cats and more than 300 dogs, as adults, peacefully adjoin so puppies. The shelter has its own veterinarians, so travel to clinics are not needed. But to eat, take vitamins, to be treated medicines, put on warm clothes in winter and hide in a warm house – there is a constant need for this. 84 cats appeared by chance – they all were brought from one apartment – feral, exhausted, sick. Everyone came out, and some found new homes.

Dawn Alley, 10 + 7 (901) 547-56-76 (Natalya), +7 (906) 046-27-01, +7 (916) 150-04-64

Animals reciprocate

Animals reciprocate

Shelter “Bim” for cats, dogs and wild animals

This shelter was opened on the basis of the charitable foundation for protection. animals. During this time, he visited his enclosures, houses, cages almost 4,000 animals: cats, dogs, horses, geese, hedgehogs, ferrets and other animals. Now in five shelters 2500-2600 different animals. There are veterinarians, so animals get timely help. But the shelter is private, so there is thanks to volunteers and financial injections to philanthropists. Come for dog, cat or other pet can be any day, previously phoned.

Bim Otradnoe, Bim Hoteichi, Bim Degunino, Bim Tomilino, Bim Zhulebino + 7 (495) 762-27-60 (hostess Daria Sergeevna)

This cute doggie will be your best friend, helper and joy

This cute doggie will be your best friend, assistant and a joy

Of course, this is not all the shelters located in Moscow and Moscow region. Contact any shelter (Moscow), puppies and adults dogs are looking forward to see you. To help – a table with addresses shelters.

Title Address Phone
Moscow municipal shelter Moscow, Projected passage 265, Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, Rudnevo industrial area (916) 720-33-52, (909) 157-17-67, (916) 096-15-66, (916) 358-85-81, (985) 186-60-76
Shelter “ECO” Moscow, First Mayevka Alley, p. 7A (metro Ryazansky Prospect) (495) 741-92-87
Shelter in Shcherbinka Moscow, metro Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, or railway station Butovo +7 (916) 577-61-19 Larisa + 7 (916) 178-37-50 Julia
Shelter in West Biryulyovo under the control of BANO “Eco” Moscow, Vostryakovsky passage, metro Academician Yangel (926) 963-97-93 – Anna (926) 830-76-47 – Yana
Shelter in Nekrasovka under the control of BANO “Eco” Moscow, metro Vykhino (916) 063-61-36 – Elena
Private Shelter “Eco” for dogs and cats in Tsaritsyno Moscow, metro Tsaritsyno (917) 555-53-32 – Inna (916) 397-57-80 – Tatyana
Moscow municipal shelter for stray dogs in Solntsevo Moscow, MK / n Solntsevo, Projected passage, 740 (926) 908-23-92 (926) 235-15-83 – Marina (916) 657-83-22 – Ksyusha (916) 415-35-40 – Julia (962) 919-09-57 – Olga (495) 434-16-37 – Radushev Gennady Anatolyevich (926) 909-06-72 – Oil Igor Alexandrovich
Municipal Homeless Shelter in Khimki Moscow region, Khimki (926) 130-93-36 – Anya
Private shelter for dogs and cats “Call” Ancestors ” Odintsovo district of the Moscow region (926) 220-96-82 – Elena
Municipal shelter for the neglected animals Moscow region, Noginsk district, Noginsk g, Working street, 142 (909) 157-90-80
Private animal shelter “Santa” Moscow, Zelenograd (903) 134-81-53 – Marina
Kosino-Ukhtomsky shelter Moscow, VAO, Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, Rudnevo industrial zone (916) 160-53-81 – Irina Ivanovna (910) 416-58-32 – Galina

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