Seals and seals will live in a new pavilion of the Moscow zoo

According to the press service of Interfax Real Estate, for representatives of pinnipeds (seals, seals, fur seal walruses) will build a new pavilion in the central zoo of Moscow.

They plan to build an artificial rock in the new complex – this there will be a disguised “office” for zoo employees, in the same place equip utility rooms, warehouses and rooms for inventory.

On the official website of the Moscow City Hall, it is reported that the new a construction for animals of the water world will occupy an area of more than 5 thousand square meters The depth of the pools will reach from 4 to 7 meters. To provide a comfortable environment for animals in pools, artificially will maintain optimum temperature all year long. In this way in summer heat, seals and seals will enjoy the cool pond, and in the winter cold they will not freeze.


The future house for pinnipeds at the Moscow Zoo will be a paradise for animals

The water in the pools, of course, will be salty, marine, purified. Among the innovations, it’s noted that they plan to create a wave effect, to make pinnipeds feel like in a natural environment habitat.

Visitors to the new complex “Pinnipeds” in the zoo of the capital will be able to watch the life of funny animals with special observation deck. The area will be equipped flush with water. therefore animals can be seen as close as possible, while maintaining safety rules for both visitors and pinnipeds themselves.

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