Scottish Straight (photo): Tenderness and Charm feline world



Origin: Scotland

Usage: domestic cat

Color: more than 30 types of color

Sizes: weight – 3,5-5 kg

Life span: 10-15 years

Scottish Straight is one of the most charming Ipopular breeds of cats.

Moderately active, playful, affectionate – these creations are different high intelligence that prevents them from going against established by the owner of the rules are distinguished by devotion and poise.

Scottish Straight – Successful Crossbreeding lop-eared domestic cats and other representatives rocks that do not have such a distinguishing feature as bent ears.

There are many options for the color of animals, which makes it possible almost everyone to choose the most suitable kitten.


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

To date, the breed Scottish Straight is officially recognized far from all felinological communities, which is quite logical explanation. Charming representatives of this branch feline are one of the varieties of scottish fold cat obtained by crossing it with straight animals.

On any photo you can see that any significant there are practically no differences between the two breeds completely. The purpose of this kind of selection was to improve physical the qualities of fold cats, and a kind of byproduct of data The experiments became Scottish Straights.

As the historical homeland of the Scottish Straight, like follows from the name, called Scotland. However, the first ones to began to purposefully derive a new breed from what would seem to be side effects of crossing Scottish fold and erect cats have become Australians.

It was in Australia that the first officially recognized the standard to which Scottish is still in compliance Scottish Straight. At the beginning of the 21st century, these standards, as well as the breed, were officially recognized.


There are different shades of color of straight cats


Unlike many other family members feline, Scottish erect have a calm and balanced character.

Despite this distinctive feature, pets quite supportive of active games. Should name a few priority traits that distinguish the “Scots” from cats of many other breeds:

  • Scottish Straight kittens and adult animals possess sufficiently large weight in combination with small dimensions, which, as can be seen in any photo, gives them some roundness of the silhouette. This physiological feature is somewhat limits the possibilities of pets – it’s quite difficult for them to climb steep surfaces, curtains, posts. In some least this is an absolute plus – the situation in the house, furniture and wallpaper will remain intact even with the advent of a cat.
  • Compliant character, almost complete absence of aggression, patience makes the Scots the perfect pet for families where have kids. In this, the straits are similar to the British and pixy beans. However, one should not forget that a cat is, first of all, a living creature, and not a soft, funny one a toy.
  • Any representative of Scottish Straight, regardless gender affection, tender affection and devotion to the owner. These cats are good-natured and affectionate, but intolerant of manifestation. excessive care and coercion. They will not be imposed on manifestation of attention from the household, but with pleasure take unobtrusive caress.
  • Scottish Scottish Straight compares favorably with other domestic cats with a keen mind and insight. The animal will never become disrupt routine, and will follow established master of the rules.
  • However, to some extent, the intelligence of cats can play and negative role. Both kittens and an adult cat may well apply your mental qualities to open closed cabinets, cages with rodents or birds. In a word, get to where to go do not do it.


Straight-eared cats are unpretentious and independent

In general, the character of the Scottish Scottish Straight is different good nature, gentleness, as well as pronounced independence and independence.



Regardless of age, Straights are playful and restless

Scottish Scottish Straight-Eared Cat – practically ideal as a pet.

Here are the most outstanding features that distinguish these animals from other representatives of the cat family:

  • Universal character. A pet can manifest in equally unrestrained activity, and indestructible calmness. Such an animal is suitable for families with children who love active games, and people who prefer to spend time in silence and peace.
  • A variety of colors. For cats of this breed is characteristic interesting feature: the shade of the eyes, as a rule, matches the color of the coat. The colors are diverse: gray, white, black, red, bicolor, tricolor and many others.
  • When appearing in a family, Scottish Straight highlights as the owner of one of the family members to whom the most positively. However, he also shows to other household members exceptional favor.

How to choose a kitten

It is necessary to take away small Scottish Straights from the mother at the age of about three months. It is during this period that kittens become more independent, do not need breast milk and care.

It must be remembered that feed the animal immediately after excommunication follows the food that he is used to in the family previous owner.

When choosing the most suitable kitten, you should pay attention not only to the appearance of the animal, but also to its features temper. Shy, seeking to escape to cover at any loud kittens are unlikely to become full grown adults preserving the negative qualities of character obtained in the early childhood.

However, given the excellent learning and complacency of these animals, it is possible to count on the fact that affection and care will stop negative traits.

The price of the animal is directly proportional to the presence or absence necessary documentation confirming the origin of the kitten. The cost of a cat purchased “with hands”, without a veterinary passport, does not exceed, as a rule, a couple of thousand rubles.

The price of the animal sold in conjunction with the attached documents may well exceed the above figure in ten times.

Care Features


Scottish Straight cats are distinguished by degree and complacency

The breed of British Scottish Straight is relatively unpretentious. Kittens, as well as an adult erect cat, do not require excessive care and care. For full health, the pet should be given attention to only a few nuances:

  • Clean your animal’s ears regularly with cotton discs or sticks dipped in water.
  • To avoid the formation of characteristic crusts on the ears, it is permissible to lubricate the exposed areas with an ordinary baby cream.
  • You should periodically bathe a cat, especially in the summer. As a rule, Scottish Scott Straight is quite calm about this procedure, unlike many other representatives feline families.
  • It is necessary to regularly trim the pet’s claws. Without necessary skills, for the first time performing this procedure should be entrusted to a professional master.


Representatives of the breed Scottish Straight favorably distinguishes not only soft and good-natured character, but also a touching appearance that seen in any photo.

Thick and fluffy hair of the animal needs regular care. Otherwise, the appearance of the worms – lumps is not excluded tangled wool, which can only be removed by scissors application.

Systematically comb your pet with special brushes designed for cats. It is necessary to do this. at least once a week, and during periods of seasonal molting costs use a furminator for cats.

The absence of this procedure will lead to the fact that the animal will swallow faded hair when licking, which is fraught with deterioration in digestion and well-being of the animal as a whole. Scottish Straight haircuts are not carried out.

When bathing, it is necessary to use means to prevent tangling of hair and the appearance of fleas. Shampoos should be consumed. economically, with excessive formation of foam, it will be washed off quite difficult.


Scottish Scottish Straight – an exclusively domestic animal, not in need of regular walks. However, like a kitten, so and an adult pet will be immensely happy to play fresh in the air.

However, care should be taken that the cat does not come into contact with animals that may be potential carriers of various infections.

If the animal makes regular walks on the street, it is necessary systematically, at least once a quarter, to carry out procedures for prevention of the appearance of various intestinal parasites. Most often for To achieve this goal, various pills are used from worms.



In order for the cat to feel great, it is necessary enrich her diet with calcium

For a full existence, impeccable appearance and excellent health, british erect cat needs balanced nutrition. Pet Feeding Allowed dry feed, but must be combined with natural, freshly prepared food.

As the most common diseases, often striking “Scots” are called various ailments caused by lack of the necessary amount of calcium in the diet.

In order to avoid the development of multiple pathologies, it is necessary pay particular attention to this aspect: in the daily menu Calcium-rich foods must be present.

As the main dishes that should be offered homemade animal, you must name the following:

  • boiled or stewed vegetables;
  • heat-treated fish and meat;
  • porridge cooked in milk;
  • dairy products;
  • whole milk;
  • vegetable soups on meat broth.

It is also necessary to enrich the animal’s diet with mineral and vitamin complexes.



Cats are prone to obesity

Scottish Scottish Straight is strong enough health, and practically does not need to carry out various preventative procedures to prevent all kinds of ailments.

Regular and complete feeding, grooming, claws and ears – these activities are enough for a full cat’s life.

Characteristic diseases


Fluffy lump – not only a pet, but also a loyal friend

There are several diseases whose risk of developing a Scottish cat is present first. As The most common are called the following:

  • The tendency to the appearance of diseases of the joints and bones. Usually ailments of this kind affect animals that do not get in the required amount of calcium. A ration should be provided pet food to prevent possible illnesses.
  • As one of the physiological features of the strait called the tendency to gain excess body weight. Perfectly, the animal must be dense, but not well-fed. It is in connection with this aspect should limit the amount consumed animal fats in a pet’s diet, especially if available background to obesity.



Scottish eye color matching with coat color

Scottish Straight cats need regular vaccination even if they live exclusively in home conditions. This is because animals need prevention of immunity, as well as increasing the ability of the body resist various viral diseases.

Kittens first vaccinated three months immediately after weaning. Exactly at at this age, animals are most at risk of developing various ailments.

This is explained as follows: together with breast milk the kitten receives substances that help protect the body. IN in conditions of their absence, the animal is at risk of infection various infections.

Further vaccination is carried out annually. But this procedure is not must coincide with the period when mandatory prevention of intestinal parasites.



Scottish street independent and independent

You can knit an animal as with representatives of the breed Scottish Straight, and with fold cats, which for the latter necessary to obtain full offspring.

The animal reaches maturity at the age of approximately one and a half to one year. However, this age is not suitable. for the first mating, as the resulting offspring may be weakened. Best for the first time to knit a cat aged about two years, then the animal’s body is completely ready for pregnancy.

Scottish Straight: The Tenderness and Charm of the Cat World

Scottish Straight cats are moderately active, playful, affectionate – these creatures are distinguished by high intelligence, which does not allow they go against the rules established by the owner, differ devotion and poise.

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