Scottish scientists have created a site collecting photos suffering from plastic birds around the world

Wildlife is most affected by pollution Wednesday. However, some people are actively trying to help with the decision. problems and draw public attention to it.

Scottish researchers collect photos of birds entangled in plastic, and nests built from waste. They want people from around the world have contributed to the project through downloads similar photos to the new website.

Scholars of Scotland will use this information to understand the extent of plastic pollution of the planet. Also they hope find out which species are most at risk.

The bird is tangled in thread

The website was created by researchers from the University of the Highlands and Islands and is led by Dr. Neil James of Turso Institute for Environmental Studies, UHI. Scientist so commented on the situation: “Despite the fact that there is a lot of unofficial data on the effects of plastic birds waste, very little research has been done on how birds entangled in waste or use them in the construction of nests. we We hope that the public data will help us compile an idea of the extent and geographical distribution Problems. People from all over the world are encouraged to help us collect. information. ”

Bird with plastic in its beak

Dr. James also asked project participants not to disturb the birds. for the sake of the photo and take pictures of the nests from a suitable point of view. is he added: “We also remind users that the affected birds can be reported to your local veterinarian, animal advocates or independent rescue center. ”

Dr. Alex Bond, Senior Guardian of the Ornithological Department National Museum of History, approved the study. Dr. Bond said: “With increasing public awareness of the problems associated with by increasing the production of plastics, we can collect more information on the impact of industry on wildlife. Never before our ability to collect such information was not so are great. ”

Landfill with birds

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