Scottish fold cat (photo): lump of happiness

scottish fold cat


Country: United Kingdom


Weight: cat 4-8 kg, cat 2,8-6 kg

Height: Medium (for domestic cats)

Color: more than 60 varieties (plain, tricolor and bicolor):

Life span: 12 – 15 years

Scottish fold cats are very friendly and calm animals belong to balanced breeds.

They are like ragdolls and Cornish Rex, get along well with other animals and children.

However, cats are wary of strangers, so do not it is worth leaving the cat alone with other people’s children – it can be unpleasant to end.


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Breed history

The first modern evidence of the existence of fold cats were provided in 1959 in Scotland.

Although back in 1796, one of the English scientific journals reported about amazing cats with unusual ears living in China.

In 1978, the North American CFA developed its standard. breeds, however, FIFe (International European Federation) does not admitted scotish fold so far.

The stubbornness of Europeans did not prevent cute creatures from accepting participate in exhibitions and have a large number of fans.


By the character of the Scottish Fold, the cat represents perfect creature, with a balanced psyche. However, this true.

Skotish folds can easily adapt to any environment and surroundings. They feel great in a family with children, and in the house of a lonely person.

About other breeds of cats that differ in kind nature, can read here: https: //

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Scots will prefer sleep to active games

Cats are playful but not hyperactive. You will not see a flying rocket and a monkey climbing up the curtains.

Scots love to meditate, taking funny poses. Tied to the owner, but they won’t persistently ask for knees.

Like Angora and Somali cats, representatives of this breed speak little, only when necessary, asking for food or communicating something important.

They get along well with dogs and other animals, they feel fine the mood of the owner, unobtrusive and affectionate.

How to choose a cat

Despite the fact that the fold cat of Scotland belongs to young breeds, it’s easy to buy. Nurseries conduct active work to popularize the breed.

When choosing a kitten, carefully read the documents, inspect it and talk with the breeder.

Remember that Scottish fold can have any color.

By age, focus on 2.5-3 months when kittens Scottish fold is already vaccinated, accustomed to toilet and primary socialized.

You can read about how to determine the age of a kitten. here: https: //

For those who are going to exhibit their pet, should check the tail of a kitten. It should not have knots and creases, he must move well.

The external difference and the main advantage of Scottish folds are ears, broken to the forehead. Do not be alarmed if they are slightly raised.

It all depends on the speed of development of each branch of the breed: the ears can take the hall and later when the kitten’s head will increase in sizes.

Care Features


Scottish fold cat (photo):

Scots do not mind the presence in the house of others cats

Both short-haired and long-haired are represented in the breed individuals.

Care for short hair is small, just comb it Furminator 1-2 times a week to remove dead hairs of thick undercoat.

For furry pets, the procedure is carried out more often, since the wool lop-eared Scots can roll up and form tangles.

Grooming cats of this breed is not carried out.

In addition, cats are positive about massage. Stock up for this purpose a soft rubber brush and a rounded brush with teeth.

Scots are not afraid of water, but it is better to refrain from washing frequently cats, do this as needed and only with special shampoo.

Particular attention is paid to the ears of cats. In the closed tips of the ear a lot of sulfur is collected in the sinks and it needs to be periodically delete.

Use cotton swabs and a special liquid for this. (can be purchased at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy).

If you want to know more about cleaning your cat’s ears, we recommend read articlehttps: //

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Despite their calm disposition, cats are very curious.

The tray and bed for sleeping should correspond to the size of the cat. Position the bench next to the cabinet, creating an artificial shelter for pet.

Make sure that it is not in a draft. Buy a high claw tip: Scottish folds love stretch in full length when engaged in claws.

Claws should be cut several times a month by about 2 millimeter.


Scottish fold representatives of the cat world are prone to home-staying. Actually, the breed was bred only for home content.

To keep your pet in good shape, buy him or do yourself simple gymnastic apparatus.

Multilevel shelves, wooden stick structures, cardboard the boxes will help the kitten and adult cat to keep their muscles toned, and skeleton.

However, if your cat lives in a private house, she it will be a pleasure to walk around the garden, but do not leave it without supervision.

It is advisable to buy a cat flea collar and ticks – so you definitely protect it.

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Any cat should have its place


In the nutrition of a Scottish fold cat, like any other domestic feline breed may be present natural products or quality dry feed.

Mixing them is not recommended. The basis of natural feed makes up fresh beef, boiled chicken and offal. Liver better to give boiled.

The fish diet uses saltwater fish, which is necessary boil it.

If the animal loves cereals, then you can give oats, millet and rice, cooked in broth or milk.

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Scots’ favorite sleeping position – stomach up

Useful for cats low-fat cottage cheese and kefir. Sour cream and cream rarely, high fat foods can lead to liver disease.

Occasionally, egg yolk can be added to cereals. If you stopped at a dry feed, take expensive types of class premium.

They are completely balanced by useful trace elements and vitamins. Pick the feed brand yourself or consult with by the veterinarian.

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Scots are very independent, they will not go “tail” for the owner


Characteristic diseases

The beautiful Scottish fold cat attracts with its ears, however, such beauty is expensive for his health.

Studies have shown that the hallway of the ears is a gene mutation. She causes a skeletal anomaly in the animal, resulting in osteochondrodystrophy and frequent rickets in kittens.

The disease is accompanied by severe pain and often leads to disability pet.

Unfortunately, veterinary medicine has not yet found a way to eliminate mutational gene.

Tip: when buying a kitten, touch it paws and tail – inhibition or stiffness of their mobility signals the presence of the disease described above. Cure animal impossible, keep this in mind.

We have already talked about drafts, and this is no accident. Lop-eared the Scots quickly catch bronchitis, if the house is walking wind.

Weak breed and slightly bulging eyes. Watch that so that they do not water.

Frequent tearing can cause nasal congestion and affect on the general condition of the animal.

In general, lop-eared cuties are quite seasoned creatures, with good immunity.

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Scots are very clean

Another ailment of the breed is hemophilia. Blood coagulation so disturbed that even with a small cut, bleeding does not stop for a long time.

The disease is also not treated, the doctor can prescribe only symptomatic therapy.


The kitten receives the first comprehensive vaccination breeder and she is carried out in 2 months. Then vaccination care animal lays on the owner.

For a Scottish fold cat the same procedure is used and a set of vaccinations, as for any other breed.

Once a year, the animal should receive a vaccine against plague, hepatitis, rabies and other viral diseases.

This can be Nobivak Trikat, and Quadricat, and Multifel-4. Not forget before vaccination, for 10 days, to deworm pet (withdrawal of worms).

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Cats sleep most of the day


Gene mutation gave the fold Scottish an unusual appearance and a whole range of problems. It spread to the breeding method. animals.

Two animals with bent ears are not allowed to mate. The offspring from such a mating will be weak, with little chance of survival. What to do?

Nature thought for us. In each litter of fold cats there are offspring with bent ears and with ordinary, erect. They are called Scottish Straight.

The marriage scheme looks like this:

  • cat Scottish Straight – cat Scottish fold
  • cat Scottish Straight – cat Scottish Fold

And no other way. Only from such couples can you get healthy representatives of the breed. Scottish Straights are not allowed at exhibitions, but for breeding work they are indispensable.

Scottish fold cat (photo):

Young Scots are very interesting to watch.

For a young cat, pick an adult experienced cat, and vice versa, bring a young kitten a kitten more than once to a young male. The female pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks.

Calm, perfectly adaptable Scottish fold cats shine with their original appearance at exhibitions.

They become members of a family that everyone simply adores. Breed created for the house in which it feels like an organic particle big world.

A sweet creature can warm your soul and cheer you up when the owner is sad, her cute face will always look at you loyal eyes.

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