Scottish Cats Pregnancy

Scottish cats are ideal mustachioed friends for any person. At there are many indisputable qualities: cleanliness, calm disposition, non-intrusiveness, the ability to live peacefully with other pets. Scottish cats are especially good-natured, that’s why individuals women so often have families. Scotch boys like tend to be more independent in nature, prefer to keep хозяина и других членов семьи на расстоянии.Scottish cat and kittensНа первых порах, когдаthe Scottish-girl is very small, the owner has no particular problems. Important choose the right diet, take care of timely vaccination from serious infectious diseases, general health nurseries. And now from adolescence, when the animal “knock” 8 months, the owner will have to face a choice: whether to allow the pet to give birth to kittens or to deprive her of motherhood. If the plans still knit a cat with a male, then be sure to the owner will have questions about the beloved’s pregnancy. In which age can be allowed mating favorite? How long pregnancy in cats of a Scottish breed, what are the symptoms “interesting” position? How to behave if in the house is the cat waiting for offspring? To these questions we will look for an answer.

At what age can I knit a plaid

The age of the first estrus in the Scots is 8-10 months. But right away It’s not worth rushing to find a successful cat partner. It’s better wait until the pet turns at least a year and a half. Otherwise, if the cat becomes pregnant while being very young, misfortune can happen – stillborn or weakened babies. Sometimes early childbirth even entails the death of a young мамы.Scottish fold cat and her kittensКстати, перед первойestrus or after it (it is important that the cat is more than six months old) You can contact your veterinarian to remove ovaries from purrs. This the operation will save the cat from becoming pregnant, and the owner will not have to worry about problems while carrying babies.

Signs of pregnancy in Scottish cats

The duration of the pregnancy of the tartan is approximately 9 weeks. Conditionally, this period is divided into 3 stages. During the first 3 weeks, the cat may develop toxicosis, in the morning it can be tormented nausea, the pet will often refuse even her favorite food. An animal’s nipples can change its color and turn pink and barely swollen. The cat will be drowsy and slightly lethargic. Already on day 15 after the alleged fertilization, you can show your darling to a veterinarian who will confirm with ultrasound and palpation that soon the scotch will become a mother. By the end of 3 weeks of pregnancy Scottish cubs in the maternal abdomen reach approximately 10 mm, in they develop head bones, limbs form, form зачатки мозга и других внутренних органов.Scottish fold kittensВ середине беременности – с 4 по6 weeks – the cat’s appetite will wake up, its weight will increase. The “interesting” position will be noticeable due to the protruding abdomen. The nipples of the pet will become even larger than before. Towards the end of the middle Pregnancy inside mom is a creature that looks like a kitten in appearance. Already tongue, eyelids, fingertips appear. Bones and Teeth strengthened. The genitals develop. The final stage of pregnancy – from 7 to 9 weeks – will begin with the gradual preparation of the cat for childbirth. The future Scottish mother will prepare a “nest” for babies, will become less moving. By the end of pregnancy, the kitten’s body length is already not less than 10-14 cm. He has wool. Limbs are pulled and tail, the skin becomes stronger. The weight of a small baby is about 60-70 g, while a large cub can weigh and 130-140 g. On the eve of childbirth, the animal will have colostrum, darling starts to behave uneasily. Just before the hour “X” (for 24-12 hours or later) the cat will lose water and labor will begin.

How long does a Scottish cat’s pregnancy last?

Pregnant Scottish cats walk about 60-65 days, although more often all say from 63 days. However, bearing offspring is a matter of individual, therefore, clearly indicate the duration of pregnancy is impossible. For the term of carrying kittens влияют следующие факторы:Scottish Straight Cat, Scottish Straight

  1. Комплекция и вес шотландской кошки. Individuals not more than 3 kg can reproduce babies already at 58-60 days after fertilization. Large plaid weighing more than 5 kg sometimes go pregnant and up to 70 days;
  2. The age of the cat. Usually less than usual are born to calves that are under 1 year old. Very young Scottish cats can begin to give birth before the 50th day, True, their offspring are rarely healthy;
  3. The number of kittens. More embryos live in the stomach mom cats, the sooner the birth begins. Individuals bearing 1 to 3 babies, as a rule, give birth after 60 days;
  4. The health status of the Scottish cat. If for any causes the animal has contracted an infectious disease; childbirth may start well ahead of schedule. At the same time save the kids It doesn’t always work out.

The Scottish breed includes cats with straight and hanging ears, but the form of the hearing organs does not affect the gestational age in any way. because and Scottish straight (Scottish Straight), and Scottish fold (Scottish fold) on average, kittens wear 60-65 days.

Caring for a pregnant Scottish cat

As a rule, Scottish breed cats are very careful during offspring: they are clean, inactive, rarely come into conflict with other pets living in the house. However, Scottish Fold or Scottish Straight cat owners помнить об этих несложных правилах:Red Scottish Fold Cat

  1. Порцию еды для шотландок увеличивают к концу 3 неделиpregnancy. In this case, it is desirable to divide the entire volume of food into 4-5 equal parts. In the middle of pregnancy, the cat will need half more feed than before pregnancy. At the final stage (from 7 to 9 weeks) the amount of food is reduced to the original amount;
  2. Cats accustomed to eating natural foods need include vegetables, herbs, vegetable oils, sour milk in the diet products, cereals, eggs. Sometimes you can pamper your favorite boiled sea fish. Every day it is advisable to feed the purr with high-quality meat (veal, chicken, rabbit). With a natural type of nutrition it is advisable to give the cat multivitamins;
  3. Ready-to-eat Scotch women can be translated into Extra-Premium Maternity & Nursing Products cats
  4. Cats cannot be treated with medication without the consent of the veterinarian. Even harmless medicine can harm babies;
  5. Confirmation of pregnancy and counting kittens is better to entrust to a specialist. Self-palpation too eager leads to intrauterine injuries;
  6. Pregnant plaid is not recommended to go outside, where you can catch an infection;
  7. A cat in anticipation of offspring is highly undesirable to unnerve. Fright and stress often lead to early childbirth, therefore, the health of premature kittens may be affected. Relocation, relocation furniture, a new pet, loud music – all this can bring the cat is out of balance;
  8. When the Scottish cat’s gestational age ends, should arrange with the veterinarian for assistance if something during childbirth will not go according to plan (the kitten will go not head, but paws; the baby’s size will be too large with miniature dimensions of mother, etc.).

How to help a tartan during childbirth

When the time comes for the kittens to leave the mother’s bosom, the kitty is sure to will notify its owner. Usually the animal behaves before birth так:Three Scottish kittens

  • Громко мяукает, трется о ноги хозяина;
  • Encourages a person to be present near the “nest”;
  • Licks perineum;
  • Often breathes.

Water discharge, abdominal contractions, lowering body temperature – clear signals that the birth is about to begin. In advance prepared “nest” (for example, a box or a basket) needs to be laid clean fabric, on top – a diaper. Nagotova need to keep disposable diapers, sanitized scissors, thread, disinfectant means (for example, hydrogen peroxide), a heating pad with warm water, petroleum jelly. When the cat clearly begins to give birth, it is permissible to contribute, carefully guiding the kittens to the exit. When the head and the shoulder blades of the baby, you can slightly pull it towards you at the withers clean hands lubricated with petroleum jelly, but only if contractions weak. Following the kitten, you need to remove the placenta (if the cat itself didn’t push her out). The baby needs to be cut and sanitized umbilical cord (at least 2 cm from the abdomen), previously bandaging it with a thread. Then the newborn should be put closer to maternal nipples, giving the cat the opportunity to feed and lick child. After the kitten, wipe with a napkin and put on a warm heating pad, allowing the cat to give birth to the rest of the babies.

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