Royal Canin Dry Cat Food: Best Quality in the price category

Dry food for cats Royal CaninP

Royal Canin dry food for cats is a premium product, allowing you to provide proper nutrition to your pet.

It can be a good alternative to natural nutrition. The manufacturer offers the product not only for cats, but also for dogs.

The composition of the feed includes all the nutrients necessary the body of the animal for normal functioning.

However, during the production of Royal Canin, are used flavor enhancers and chemical dyes.

For this reason, before pouring food into an animal’s bowl, a person must study in detail information about its composition and potential effects on pet health.


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Royal Konin products managed to gain popularity in the market food for pets. You can buy food in:

  • Pet shops;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Online stores.

The line includes products designed for animals different ages and breeds.

Talk about popular cat breeds articlehttps: //

There are varieties of product suitable for pets with diseases. The list includes:

  • Skin Young Female – for neutered cats and sterilized cats under the age of 7 years that have increased skin sensitivity;
  • Convalescence Support S / O – for feeding during the period convalescence;
  • Fiber Response FR31 – For Pets with Violation digestion;
  • Diabetic – for animals with diabetes;
  • Urinary S / O LP34 – for the prevention and treatment of urolithiasis illnesses.

Veterinarians prescribe Royal Canin as a diet.

Note! Mark Royal Kanin releases both dry and wet food.

Royal Canin is often referred to as a super-premium class.

Veterinarians managed to verify the quality of the treatment line, and without concerns prescribe food to animals having problems with health.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

Royal Kanin offers products for both adult cats and for little kittens

However, a variety of food intended for daily use, worse than the therapeutic analogue.

For this reason, for normal nutrition, it is better to give preference for feeds superior to Royal Canin in quality:

  • Akana;
  • Bosch Sanabel;
  • FetsChoyce.

If the owner still decides to feed the Royal favorite daily Kanin, he must carefully monitor the health of the pet.

Important! If after a visit to the clinic the cat’s tests are normal, the pet looks good and is in good mood – the food suits him. In this case, the product may Become a staple in your pet’s diet.

If the owner sees that the feed has a negative effect on the appearance and behavior of the pet, the product is required immediately replace.

Neglecting advice can lead to problems with health.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

The pet will gladly eat the right one feed


Royal Canin’s nutritional composition may vary depending on its kind of.

The main separation occurs on dry and wet food.

It is interesting! Types of dry food have 21 names. Food varies depending on the main ingredient from which the product was made, and directionality.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

Royal Kanin – individual feed for popular breeds

You can get information about the composition of the selected product, after reading the information on the package.

To the list of the classic list of products used in the manufacture of feed includes:

  • Meat;
  • Cereals
  • Animal fats;
  • Offal;
  • Soya
  • Vegetable proteins;
  • Squirrels.

Offal is one of the main places in the feed.

The cat’s diet should have internal organs animals.

However, producers want to save money by using offal Low quality.

Manufacturers replace entrails with recycled hides and hooves animals.

Important! The composition of the feed includes vegetable and grain crops. They can provoke cat allergy. If the owner knows that his pet is allergic, he must carefully read the composition of the feed.

On the packaging of the feed not only the composition, but also information about The breed and age of the pet for which it is intended.

You can find out more about how to determine the age of a kitten. of articleshttps: //

If a person does not know what to offer the cat for lunch or dinner, he may take into account manufacturers’ recommendations.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

Proper nutrition will help maintain good appearance and pet health

Advantages and disadvantages

Royal Canin will help maintain the health and shape of the pet, if the owner knows the pros and cons of the product.

The positive features of the use of feed include:

  1. Low prices. Royal Canin can be purchased by paying from 200 rubles for 0.5 kg of dry food.
  2. High quality compared to economy class products.
  3. High-quality range of medicinal feeds. If there is a disease in pet, veterinarians prefer to recommend Royal Canin.
  4. A wide range of. The client will be able to choose a product based on individual characteristics of the pet.
  5. Availability. You can buy food at any supermarket or pet shop.

However, when acquiring Royal Canin, the owner of the cat must remember possible negative consequences.

The disadvantages of using feed include:

  1. The quality of food for every day is much lower than that of medical product. Daily food contains odor enhancers and chemical substances. They can adversely affect the general condition. favorite.
  2. The product is capable of causing an allergic reaction. To the owners pets with allergies are better off giving up food from of this brand.
  3. The composition of feed produced in Russia differs from European. In pursuit of profit, the manufacturer forgets about quality. The composition of the food includes preservatives and dyes. If There is a possibility, veterinarians advise to purchase a product for the border.

Royal Kanin is an inexpensive alternative to products economy class.

However, owners worried about pet health are better off analyze the products of more expensive brands.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

In the feed line there is a special nutrition for active pets


The feed manufacturer has developed variations, suitable not only for animals of a certain age and condition health, but also breed.

Royal Kanin is popular with owners british and scottish fold cats, Scottish Straights, and Neva Masquerade Cats.

There are special products for:

  • Persian cats;
  • Oriental cats;
  • Maine Coon.

However, before using feed, it is best to consult with a specialist.

Note! Reaction The animal’s body feed can be unpredictable. Known cases when the coat of British cats, having a gray color, acquired a brown tint.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

Ledgebok Royal Canin helps keep fit

After eating feed from the treatment line, unforeseen the consequences are less common.

If the owner takes into account the breed of the pet when choosing food, he should be preferred:

  • British Shorthair Adult (in sauce) – for British cats;
  • Maine Coon Adult (in sauce) – for Maine Coons;
  • Persian – for Persian cats;
  • Sphynx Adult – for Peterbalds and Don sphinxes;
  • Siamese Adult – for Siamese and Oriental cats.

Proper nutrition allows the pet to remain in form and has a positive effect on his health.

If you want to know more about how to properly feed a cat, we advise you to read articlehttps: //

Note! Not necessary overfeeding a pet. If therapeutic feed is used, dosage appointed by the veterinarian. Failure to comply with the recommendations of the doctor is capable of adversely affect the health of the pet.

Royal Kanin developed a proposal for pets, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

If the cat does not like to run and prefers to spend all day on couch, he can quickly gain weight.

Using Indoor Appetite Control will help prevent obesity pet without reducing the frequency of food.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

The physical form of the animal depends on the diet


Royal Canin feed reviews vary.

There are no products that pet owners respond to only positively.

Cheap feeds are always lower in quality, so it all depends the amount that the owner of the cat is willing to spend on a pet daily.

Royal Kanin is superior to the economy class, but more high price you can find the best product.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

The range includes both dry and wet feed

The following are customer reviews of this feed:

Marina, Donetsk: “Royal Kanin – quite for yourself good food for my pet. My cat is happy to gobble up feed. The mood in the pet is always good. He is happy plays and often goes for walks. Digestive problems never did not have. I’m sure that if the feed was bad, it’s right away would affect our Bagirka. The product has no nasty or artificial smell. Decent food for the pet at an affordable price price. ”

Alena, Samara: “About six months ago they took kitten with hands. The previous owner advised us to feed him Royal Canin. I took advice and got a pet food. I bought dry food. To diversify the diet, mixed with dry nutritional cereals and soups. The pet clearly did not like the food. The cat was eating without pleasure, in small portions. The stool became loose. Across For some time, problems began with the tummy. The kitten was taken to to the vet. The doctor said that such feeds have a negative effect on the kidneys. We replaced the feed with natural feed. Now no no problem. The pet is playful, always in a good mood. Highly curious young cat. Royal Canin is no longer buying. ”

Dry food for cats Royal Canin

Proper nutrition is the key to well-being and mood cats


Buy Royal Canin or not, each owner decides for himself by yourself.

The product will be a great alternative to low-quality cheap however, until the premium class, daily meals are not falls short.

It is necessary to give the animal food after receiving a recommendation the vet.

If the owner decides to include such food in the pet’s diet every day, he must carefully monitor the condition animal.

If a person notices negative changes in the behavior of the animal or its condition, feed must be discarded.

Dry food for cats Royal Canin: The best quality in price categories

Dry food for cats Royal Canin: The best quality in price categories

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