Ringovka: make the right choice

All dog owners participating in exhibitions they know how important an accessory like ringing is (so called the “water carrier”) – a special collar that Tightens when pulling the leash. This device may like help the four-legged friend look and move spectacularly, and interfere, causing discomfort, therefore, its selection should be be more than careful. Ringovka – make a choice it is correct that the accessory combines convenience, functionality, and also emphasized the dignity of the pet.


  • 1. What to look for when choosing
  • 2. What color should be the accessory
  • 3. Video on how to work with the ring
  • 4. Ringovka for dogs of various breeds
    • 4.1. Representatives of large and giant breeds
    • 4.2. Hairless dogs
    • 4.3. Pets with sensitive skin

What to look for when choosing

Participating with the pet in the show (such people are called handlers), dispense with the use of a special collar with a leash is not succeed – this is a required attribute for similar goals. Ringing is carried out through the area shoulder blades to the sternum or behind the ears of the animal. Special rules how there should be this accessory, does not exist, but breeders and dog owners can share their selection experience suitable model. Ringovka

On sale you can find ammunition of various sizes and shapes, therefore, the owner may be confused. But there are a number of characteristics on which are worth paying attention in the first place:

  1. Collar width – Experienced dog breeders do not recommend to get too wide a ring, as it visually shortens the neck of the animal – much more elegant A narrow accessory that does not affect the general exterior of the pet looks. However, it is worth noting that thin, round collars are often cause discomfort, digging into the skin of the animal.
  2. Strength and Reliability – Despite specific ringing function, collar and leash during the exhibition Do not cease to fulfill the role of the main ammunition of the dog. As is known, when a large number of dogs and people accumulate everything, and it is important that the owner can control the actions of his four-legged friend.
  3. Grace and beauty are still an accessory. designed for the show, and the ring should not look hard like ammunition for a working dog.
  4. Material – leather products are released, nylon nylon, and some craftsmen make exhibition copies of the most original materials – silk, metal and The best option for dogs of small and medium sizes. are nylon rings –– they are quite practical and not spoil the quality of the coat, but are still more suitable for large grains leather or metal products – the so-called jerk chains.
  5. Size – no matter how beautiful and elegant there was ammunition, it is important that she “sat” well and did not constrain movement.
  6. Length is another important aspect that Be sure to consider: when showing decorative doggies too short ammunition can serve a “bear” service – in in this case, a long leash is more appropriate. For large dogs it is more convenient to use a ring of medium or short length. Chain Ammunition should not hang low on the dog’s neck. The perfect length in which the owner can control the four-legged friend.
  7. The presence of a sliding loop – participants exhibitions are judged by many criteria, and judges look at how the dog takes a stand and how it moves. And often the owners, just dismissed the ring and prettied the pet, see how experts give the command to run! Faster than anyone else those with ammunition have a sliding loop at the end –– without the interference drags on and the dog begins to move. By the way, experienced dog breeders note that shaggy participants with a habit “fall asleep” in the ring, run with more activity, if good feel the collar on themselves.
  8. Comfort – ringing should be convenient for both the dog and the owner –– do not push or pinch the neck of the pet. As for the handler, the end of the ammunition is not should slip out of the hands, not cut the palm.

Frequent participants in show programs are also versed in fashion trends and try to choose current accessories. For example, Today, transparent ringing is very popular, which is made of cotton material and coated with a layer of wax. This product is durable and not without originality.

What color should be the accessory

Dog show ring is the same as competitive podium for people – on it they show how much they beautiful, stately, how they can move and behave in public. AND in no case should the ringing interfere with this, distract or to spoil the appearance of the participant, its goal is to harmoniously complement Exterior and highlight dignity. Ringovka read the article

Experts do not recommend choosing ammunition, which contrasts in color with the dog’s coat. She is visually shortens the neck of the dog and violates the visual integrity of everything torso. The best option is ringing, which It is combined with the tone of the hair of the participant. This is especially important for the parts where the ammunition is attached to the body of the animal – on the shoulders and on the head.

The most commonly used accessories are the following colors:

  • black – they are chosen by dog owners with black, gray, smoky or blue coat. Picking up coal black shining ammunition, it is worth realistically appreciating – Does the coat look faded, dull;
  • white – suitable for dogs with a light plain or softly spotted coat. But it’s worth noting here feature – against the background of a snow-white accessory pet hair may look grayish, dirty. So it costs initially take a closer look, and if an unpleasant contrast catches your eye, choose ammunition not pure white, but milk, shade ivory, vanilla;
  • beige – look great on dogs wheat, fawn colors;
  • red – most often in such rings exhibit Yorkshire terriers. This is due to the fact that in some countries adopted to put these little doggies on stands, covered with red velvet fabric, and a similar combination looks appropriate.

As for the allegedly fashionable trends, for example, the use of multi-colored ammunition (the so-called rainbow color), something like that considered overkill even when it comes to miniature, funny participants. Such an accessory will not make a pet solid or more attractive, but will be a distracting element, absurdity.

Preferring products from shiny material – satin, silk, with decorating elements – beads, rhinestones, sequins, beads, it is advisable for the owner to look at in daylight and in the light of lamps, and doesn’t it diminish so elegant, shimmering set natural shine of pet’s hair? Though not there are prescriptions for color rings, experienced handlers consider that the less it is allocated on a dog’s body, the it’s better.

Video on how to work with the ring

Ringovka for dogs of various breeds

On sale you can find exhibition equipment for dogs various sizes, some equipped with a long leash, others – short. But already when trying on it becomes clear ringing darling or not.

The noose – it can be made in the form of a lace or chain, should be sized so that the animal’s head is not very freely passed through it. An extended leash is always located with the outside of the animal’s head.

If, putting on the accessory, the owner is in difficulty, and collar and leash material clings to the coat, then immediately Understandably, this option is not suitable. Otherwise, you can spoil the dog’s coat before he even gets in the ring.

All dogs are individual, which for one is good, for another may be unacceptable.

Representatives of large and giant breeds

Owners of a colorful pet should pay more attention ammunition strength than its color and width. There is no such requirement nylon rings meet, and the most suitable are genuine leather products. It is also necessary that the accessory be equipped with a durable retainer and clasp. For impressive molossians It is recommended to use a ring having a limiter. Ringovka how to make the right choice

Many owners prefer metal products. AND indeed, modern models meet the requirements requirements, and due to the quality of the material and weaving they are not harm the skin and coat of the pet.

Hairless dogs

To owners of a dog breed Chinese, Mexican Hairless Dog or basenji is worth paying attention to the noose collar with chain.

Pets with sensitive skin

In this case, models with expansion under the neck. They do not rub or damage the skin. surface. Often they are chosen by puppies, as well as dogs of the breed Italian greyhound, chihuahua, toy terrier.

All the above models, as well as other exhibition accessories dog owners can purchase at a pet store or make an order with masters engaged in the manufacture of such products. In the last case there is an opportunity to purchase an exclusive ring, made based on the wishes of the customer. But it is advisable to commit purchase from experienced professionals who make ammunition, given the characteristics of animals and the specifics of use.

Often for decorative little pets purchased “vodilki” in the form of silk cords or elegant chains, decorated like bracelets – beads, pebbles, metal elements. Sometimes, they are made so skillfully that they look like jewels, but owners should be more careful with these products.

It is important to pay attention to where large elements – it is undesirable for beads to press especially sensitive areas – the area of the trachea, the ears of a small doggie. In addition, additional elements should not cling to the hair, pulling them out or breaking them.

But there is another option – to make your ammunition hands, with love and care for the four-legged comrade. Made own ringovka is an exclusive accessory and the second of these during the exhibitions can not be found. Yes, and for quality the master himself answers, and for his favorite, he must will try.

In addition, the author has the opportunity to use a variety of materials and take into account the features of the four-legged friend. But to the beginner, neither who has never been to such shows, this may not be possible. Indeed, in addition to the technique of performing work and the features of various materials, a person needs to get acquainted with functionality accessory so that during the performance he does not disappoint.

The exhibition is an important event for which dog owners show classes have been preparing for more than one month, taking care of the appearance and the health of your pet. They are also engaged in the selection of suitable rings, which, if not affect the standard qualities the four-legged participant is then able to emphasize them favorably, and a handler will help control a dog facing many viewers.

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