Released killer whales returned for food: video

Several killer whales released in June from Whale Prison on will, returned to the people. The animals needed food.

Red Book killer whales previously illegal held in the bay of Sredny, near the city of Nakhodka. Through the court zoodefenders have achieved the release of animals that poachers wanted to sell to China. But after the release of killer whales, another problem: they forgot how to get food on their own. Now animals beg for food from fishermen fishing in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

Locals are convinced that killer whales will die in the wild. But u Specialists have a different opinion. Most likely, animals are simply not up to end adapted to the natural environment. According to the zoodefender Dmitry Lisitsin, if you do not stop feeding killer whales, they never learn to hunt on their own and as a result will be doomed to death. The specialist also believes that still remaining in captivity animals need to be released sooner so that they connect with already released individuals and together went to sea.

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