Brief description of the breed

Ragdoll cats are large. The average weight of the female is about four kilograms, and males – about ten kilograms. They are one of the largest representatives. domestic cats. The standard color of cats of this breed is accepted consider a light color with a dark muzzle, paws, tail and ears. Double color or even multi-color is also allowed. Height pets of this breed lasts up to four years. The Association of Cat Lovers standards, Ragdoll has a large and a wide head in the shape of a wedge. In this case, all parties heads should be the same length and end with rounded by mouth. The eyes of these cats are bright blue with an oval shape. Ears have medium size and rounded tips slightly inclined forward. The head is supported by a strong neck, smoothly turning into a massive long body with a wide, powerful skeleton. Paws are also different its massiveness and moderate length. Ragdoll cat hair silky, medium length. On the head, the hair is much shorter than on other parts of the body. In this case, there is a kind of ruff around neck. Depending on the variety, several colors are allowed. types: double color, plain or multi-colored. Ragdolls are very become attached to members of their family and always look forward to them parish. They love being in their arms and sleeping in the same bed with by the owner. These pets are different in that they are in relaxed condition. Therefore, taking a cat in your arms, you can Feel the animal fully surrender to your arms. To those who intends to purchase a ragdoll you need to understand that this pet requires not only care, but also human attention. That’s why this breed is not quite suitable for busy people who are big part of the time forced to spend outside the house.

Ragdoll cat photo:

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Ragdoll Cat Story

The breed was first bred by breeder Ann Baker in California (Riverside) in the sixties of the last century. IN that moment breeders used to breed long-haired cats of white color and cats with black interspersed in the form of a tuxedo. Breeding measures led to the breeding of a pet with a calm character and a beautiful long coat. Later in the selection process used Persians and Burmese cats, and later other breeds with long hair. So there was a cat breed ragdoll. Over time, ragdoll clubs and work began on defining breed standards. Officially breed was registered in 1993, but full recognition by Professional clubs only happened in the year 2000. Including breed recognized by the American Cat Lovers Association and International Cat Association.

Ragdoll Cat Character

The word that is most often used to describe a character ragdolls – flexible. True, this does not mean at all that pets of this breed are inactive. They like to play with toys and participate in all family activities. Be prepared for that you have to not only caress your pet, but also provide enough active games. Compulsory walks on the street are also considered, but with strict accompaniment owner or other family member. Ragdolls learn everything fast especially if you use positive reinforcements in the form of praise or treats. Cats of this breed in an affectionate voice they always remind you that they are hungry or want to take a walk. Ragdolls have a wonderful character and manners of behavior. They like to climb high, for example, to wardrobes, sofa or shelves. In this case, the animal always tries stay at the same height with your master and family members.

Maintenance and care

Ragdoll wool has medium length and a small undercoat. it suggests that the house will not be distributed significantly amount of hair. But this does not mean that cats of this breed don’t need any care at all. Ragdolls are combed out on average twice per week with a special metal brush. The best thing use a professional brush to prevent tangling dead hairs. Please note that you need to comb everything the body, including the paws of the animal. After combing it is recommended to comb the pet with a metal brush with a special rubber brush to remove any remaining hairs. You should also know that the change of seasons, as well as hormonal fluctuations in the animal’s body can lead to increase the length of the coat. At its peak, hair length is achieved as usually in the cold season. Castrated and sterilized cats of this breed have a more fluffy coat all year round. During for wool care it is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the coat in anal area. Bathe cats as needed. TO regular cleaning also includes brushing your teeth, which prevents dental problems in animals. As for the claws, they are usually sheared once every two weeks. Everyone day you need to wipe the corners of the eyes with a special cloth ragdoll to remove all selections. Moreover, for each eye you need to use a separate napkin. Weekly check your ears for the presence of contaminants, infections or inflammations. Handle ear sinks with a special solution as prescribed by the veterinarian. Also you can use a damp cloth moistened with a mixture of vinegar and water in proportion to one to one. The use of cotton should be avoided. ear canal care swabs. To prevent unpleasant odors need to constantly hold the tray to The toilet is in perfect cleanliness. Please note that the tray for the ragdolls should be large enough, the animal should enough space to sit down without any hesitation. Not worth it worry about the fact that your growing pet appears small folds on the stomach. For ragdoll cats, this trait characteristic. By four years, the stage of growth of the body disappears and the animal, if not overfed, will have a normal form. Due to the fact that ragdoll is a very calm cat, it is better protect her from independent walks on the street. Doing so necessary in order to protect the pet from dog attacks or fights with other cats, as well as this will protect your pet from the occurrence of a number of diseases that pet can get from stray animals. It is impossible not to say about that cats ragdoll often disappear – they simply steal, so be careful!

Health and Disease

Ragdoll cats are prone to genetic diseases and other health problems. To major diseases characteristic of this breed include: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, various forms of heart disease that are transmitted by inheritance. Moreover, most diseases of the genetic nature can be detected using special DNA analysis. At ragdolls also have an increased risk of urolithiasis.

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