Rabies in cats

Rabies is considered an acute infectious disease, affecting the nervous system of the animal. If for any reason You didn’t instill a cat in 3 months old, and then in 12 months old age, and also do not commit this annually, then mortal the disease can take it from you, it will threaten human lives. The causative agent is the Neuroiyctes rabid virus, which is capable of to hit people, pets, birds. Owners for any Reasons for neglecting rabies vaccination risk saying goodbye not only with your pet, but also with your health, and maybe with life. Virus infects animal brain cells, excretory system, which leads to painful death.

Who is at risk?

Most often rabies is distributed by dogs, but cats often can be carriers of this disease. Cat can be infected by eating an infected mouse, it can bite on the street a dog or other rabies patient. After a bite, the virus affects the cat’s central nervous system, and then it reaches salivary glands. Therefore, it is especially harmful for this disease the saliva of an infected animal in healthy tissue through bite. In the first hours and days, the owner can not suspect anything pathological behind his cat since the incubation period ranges from 1 to 3 months, with bites in the head, neck or upper torso give disease progress faster than bites in the hind legs. Dangerous for the owner and other pets cat becomes shortly before the first signs of the disease appear, that is about a week before the symptoms of the terrible manifest diseases.

Symptoms of Rabies in Cats

Cats are characterized by several forms of the course of the disease:

Mild rabies in cats does not imply aggressive behavior, on the contrary, the cat becomes apathetic, it does not play, does not requires attention to himself, refuses food. Especially disagreeable to her bright light. Unbeknownst to the owner, the animal’s life is slow frantic form of rabies in cats is especially difficult for animal and host, it includes three states, gradually successive:

  • At first the animal is overly excited, requires constant communication with the owner. The behavior is deviated from the norm: a cat tries to bite his “victim”, refuses favorite food, but with gnaws at inedible objects with pleasure. All her present behavior goes against the usual. It lasts from 1 to 5 days.
  • Then the animal falls into the stage of aggression, rushes at people (trying to cling to the face and neck), animals, all her behavior inadequately. Profuse salivation, the animal does not drink water does not eat. The pupils are dilated, often the cornea of ​​the eye becomes cloudy. In no case should an animal try to pacify, in this the cat is not afraid of a situation, does not listen to anyone. Condition may last up to a week.
  • The final stage is relative calm, when the owners mistakenly believe that the animal after the riot went to amendment. The cat is oppressed, does not eat, does not drink, it gradually there is paralysis of the limbs, spasms of the larynx. Disease process enters the final stage, irreversible, which in a day – two will lead to the death of the unfortunate animal.

Sometimes there is an atypical form of rabies in cats, for gastrointestinal upsets (diarrhea, vomiting, failure) from food). This form lulls the owner’s vigilance, but not relieves a cat from death. But the atypical form of the course of the disease found in cats is relatively rare.

Cat rabies treatment

As a rule, sick cats are doomed, but there is a small percentage (from 1 to 8%) of those whom the disease did not affect, although there was a contact with a sick animal. Otherwise, an infected cat should isolate from other animals and people and then turn to vet clinic. Cats with rabies are euthanized, and owners, if there was a bite, must undergo vaccination for 6 months. Sick cat’s saliva on mucous tissues and skin can also lead to infection if the body has minor wounds and damage. Saliva should be rinsed plenty of water using laundry soap. Because the disease can affect like a domestic cat in which contacts with the outside world are minimal, and walking freely on will, the only solution and preventive measure at the same time is a timely rabies vaccine that can save cat’s life. Unfortunately, rabies infection does not even threaten not only the loss of a pet, but also the possibility of losing a human of life. That’s why you should never rely on questions. vaccinations against numerous diseases.

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