Putin and the dove: sensational greeting video President bird

On the network you can find a lot of interesting videos, many of which are purely entertaining, but at the same time become extremely popular. This happened with the sensational video, where the dove wing salutes the President of the Russian Federation.

The video where the dove salutes Putin is actually installation – craftsmen painted a curving wing for the bird to make the video more interesting and viewable.

Video: dove greeted the President of the Russian Federation

But the meeting of the pigeon and the president of Russia still took place in reality. May 31, 2017 Vladimir Vladimirovich visited Rogozhsky Spiritual Center of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow and while walking with the clergyman noticed a dove, held out to his hand and said: “Hello.” After this gesture, everything I did bird, – changed the trajectory of its movement, which also used on the net as a good reason to create jokes.

It is worth noting that even though the events in the popular video are not fully true, it turned out very funny, highlighting the widespread respect for To the president. “Even a dove salutes Putin,” they write in the internet.

Video: original video about the meeting of V.V. Putin and the dove

The video where the dove greets the President of the Russian Federation is the result skilled installation, but this does not make it less interesting.

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