Pro Plan feed reviews for dogs

Purina is a leader in the production of rations for home pets and other products of this category. Their diets are enough widely distributed and earned the trust of dog breeders, breeders and vets around the world. However, when choosing a quality feed for your pet, new owners may have some questions, and they have the right to learn all the details about these feeds information. Should I buy dog food for your pet? Pro plan?


  • 1. A little about the manufacturer
  • 2. Range of rations
  • 3. Composition: proteins, proteins, fats, extra Ingredients
  • 4. Advantages and disadvantages
  • 5. Reviews of dog breeders and veterinarians
  • 6. How much do Pro Plan rations cost?

A little about the manufacturer

Today, the company has several industries, located in France, Italy, as well as on Russian territory. The history of the company begins with the distant 1829, when her education happened. Later in 1894 she became specialize in producing animal feed rural economy, and after a couple of years the first dog appeared a treat from Purin is a colored cracker. Pro Plan for dogs

After 20 years, the company expanded to 5 plants, and its range included almost 2 dozen treats for four-legged friends. In the 20s over the years, a dietary research center began suitable for dogs, and in 1923 the company had seven subsidiaries branches.

Naturally, the experience gained gave the owners of the company more opportunities to realize potential. Increasingly on the wound new purine feeds began to appear pets. For example, in 1948 on store shelves the first canned rations for dogs arrived, and after a couple For years, the company has produced similar feeds for cats.

Later, the company began to work closely with others. manufacturers, which led to the emergence of new brands. IN manufacturing of products used innovative technologies, multicomponent feeds intended for representatives of various breeds.

Since 1998, the production of feed for dogs and cats under the trade The name Pro Plan is implemented by Nestle Purin PetCate, whose main office is located in France. Specialists not stop learning about the health features of pets and their needs, constantly improving the formula of available feeds. Besides In addition, special attention is paid to the production of specialized rations for pets with special needs nutrition.

Assortment of rations

Not all feed manufacturers can boast of such variety of assortment, and it continues to expand constantly. Experts take part in their development: veterinarians, nutritionists, zoopsychologists. Their main goal is to create food that best meets the needs of the animal, providing long, quality life.

Each diet has a separately developed formula, where takes into account the age of the dog, size, health features and others the nuances. An important aspect is not only the composition, but also the ratio ingredients. In the modern range of Pro Plan you can find complete, high-quality rations.

For dogs of small breeds:

  1. Смолл&Мини Сенситив Дерма – гипоаллергенное меню, котороеrecommended for animals prone to gain weight. The main ingredients are salmon and rice.
  2. Эдалт Смолл&Мини Дайджестив TO омфорт – диетическое питаниеfor animals with troubled digestion. As the main ingredients favors turkey meat and rice.
  3. Смолл&Мини Эдалт – рацион из курятины и риса, плодотворноaffecting the brain activity of the animal.

For dogs of large and very large sizes:

  1. Edalt Sensitive Salmon – salmon and rice food suitable for digestive problems.
  2. Edalt Larg Robust OptiHealth – is a diet food, which is usually prescribed by a veterinarian, the main components are chicken meat and rice.
  3. Edalt Large Robust – a diet designed for large dogs with a large physique with plenty muscle mass.

The Pro Plan for Puppies category includes three a fully-fledged diet, tailored to the needs of intensively growing and developing organisms:

  1. Medium Pappi Sensitive – is a low allergenic product, indicated for feeding babies of any breed that grows up to medium sized. Suitable for puppies having problems with the coat. cover.
  2. Смол&Мини Паппи – рецептура разработана для щенков мелкихbreeds, the main products are chicken meat and rice, suitable for regular use.
  3. Pappi Large Breed Athletic – large and giant breed puppies grow faster than others, so they need special nutrition, and This food is great for them. The main components are lamb and rice.

A similar assortment allows owners to choose the right one. diet for the pet, and veterinarians prescribe therapeutic food, which is required by dogs in a special case.

Ingredients: proteins, proteins, fats, additional ingredients

Production rations of this brand are available in the form of dry granules, the size of which depends on which dogs he intended. Their consistency is not stiff, so it’s easy for dogs chew food, while accumulating plaque on the surface Enamel does not occur. Pro Plan (Pro Plan) for dogs composition

The ratio of the main important substances in the diets of Pro Plan following:

  1. Fats. The manufacturer takes into account that at high the fat content there is a risk of obesity, and with a low the need for this component is not satisfied, therefore, in its product they include an optimal 12% fat. Thanks to fats, skin and the coat looks healthy, vision improves.
  2. Squirrels. Him in the feed of this brand 29%. it an important component for maintaining the weight and muscle mass of the animal, and He also prevents the development of allergic manifestations.
  3. The advantage of the diet of Pro Plan is reduced amount of phosphorus – 0.9%, which allows reduce the burden on the kidneys, and also positively affects condition of bone tissue, including teeth.

In addition to the above, the diets contain the following substances:

  • 6% ash;
  • 2% fiber;
  • 1.2% calcium.

To find out what is the composition of Purin’s feeds, in sufficient detail make out all the ingredients of one diet, for example, popular with dog breeders Medium Edalt for medium breeds “chicken and rice”.

Based on the name, the main ingredients of the feed there should be chicken meat and rice, but the first component in it is 14%, the second – 4%. What makes up the rest of the product?

  1. Dry bird protein. Less useful component than meat, as in most cases it is obtained in the result of chemical processing of meat processing waste productions.
  2. Grain of wheat and corn. Similar components make the product more nutritious. However, if corn is sources of useful fiber, then wheat is practically not It is absorbed by the animal organism and is an allergen. Believed that by adding these ingredients to their diets, manufacturers pursue the only goal – to lower their cost.
  3. Animal fat. The composition list is not specified the origin of this component, so even specialists cannot evaluate how good it is.
  4. Dried beetroot pulp. Good component for dry dog food, as it has a positive effect by the amount of sugar in the blood.
  5. Additive that enhances the taste and aroma of the product. Such components make dry diets more attractive to four-legged friends, but they often provoke an allergy. КUnfortunately, many manufacturers of finished feed include their products are these unwanted substances.
  6. Gluten and Corn Flour – Cheap Sources vegetable protein, which make food more high-calorie, but not are of any benefit to the canine organism.
  7. What is hidden under “vegetable processing products raw materials, “is not entirely clear, however, most likely of special value they do not have.
  8. A useful component is fish oil, containing the necessary amino acids and vitamins. In addition, the composition rations include vitamin complexes and antioxidants, which positively affect the general condition of the pet.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Pro Plan is positioned as a product of excellent quality, and hence, the requirements for it are high. He must comply with the standard, include everything you need. But, like steel production rations, it has certain advantages, so and cons.

Advantages of dog food Pro Plan:

  • rations have balanced compositions;
  • Human feed products are used. grade “, that is, a person can consume them as food;
  • the diet includes natural poultry and fish fillets, being excellent sources of animal proteins; manufacturer not uses processing waste as ingredients;
  • all feeds from Purin are rich in mineral and vitamin components that are found in herbs and vegetables;
  • no substances capable of harming the body dogs;
  • due to its high nutritional value, feed is consumed quite economically – to satisfy hunger, the pet needs a small portion of Pro Plan dry granules, unlike cheaper ones rations
  • one of purin’s claims is that his food is a complete, healthy diet for animals. I.e when feeding such diets, the dog will be stronger and more active, which means that the services of a veterinarian will be required less frequently.

Disadvantages of rations of this brand:

  • in addition to meat products, the composition of feed includes offal;
  • the presence of flavorings and flavor enhancers, and the manufacturer does not specify what these substances are;
  • in general, the composition of the products is rather modest when compared with rations of other brands; there are no berries, fruits, medicinal herbs and other components.

Reviews of dog breeders and veterinarians

It is important for dog owners that their dog eat hearty and food useful, and besides, approval of a product with side of veterinarians and breeders. What do dog breeders say? about the diets of the popular Pro Plan brand? Pro Plan Read the Article

Angelica, Samara: “Choosing the right food for my York, I attended more than one discussion in various forums, and almost everywhere the opinion about the Pro Plan feed was positive. therefore I immediately ordered a large 7.5 kg package, especially since he more economical in price than small packs. As it turned out, this amount was enough for my crumbs for almost 4 months, but still I was more pleased that the baby eats it with pleasure and no health problems. ”

Ksenia, Moscow: “Food Pro Plan for your I bought a German Shepherd on the recommendation of a friend of the veterinary a doctor. He said that he feeds his dog only to them and clients. advises. But I’m still against the fact that the dog only ate drying, so I cook her porridge with vegetables, meat, offal. A Pro Plan granules are an excellent delicacy and I successfully use them as an encouragement during training. Immediately noted that for such a treat, my Greta works more diligently and expects when I treat her, which means she likes such food. ”

Maria, Rostov: “We have a French dog a bulldog that suffers from food allergies. Pretty long we picked up food for their fussy – the diet caused unpleasant manifestations, then our pet rebelled and refused to eat. But Pro The salmon plan came up with all the requirements – no rashes and itching, but you can’t drag the dog from the cup by the ears. The price of small packages quite high, so we immediately get 12 kg, especially since The seller has free shipping. Recommended! ”

This is written by buyers, as for veterinarians, they divided into 2 camps – some consider this product to be excellent, others, some points of composition – additives, giving flavor and aroma, animal fats of unknown origin and If something confuses the owner of the dog, he can always consult with a specialist and clarify issues of interest.

How much do Pro Plan rations cost

As with other products in this category, the cost depends on various factors – regular diets are cheaper medicinal, large packages are more economical, etc. The average price for feeds of different packaging:

  • a package of 800 g costs an average of 250 rubles;
  • 3 kg of dry diet Pro Plan will cost 850-950 rubles;
  • the cost of a 7.5 kg package is approximately 1900-2200 rubles;
  • the price of a 14 kg bag varies from 3600 to 4200 rubles.

In general, according to veterinarians, the Pro Plan food is considered one of the best, as it favorably affects the state of health pets.

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