Prazicide suspension Plus for dogs: instruction for application, dosage

Dog care includes preventative procedures for protect your pet from parasites, both external and internal. Timely deworming will not only avoid the pet problems associated with worms, but also ensure safety against parasites to the owners of the dog. This is especially important if the family there are children and women “in position”. Among anthelmintic drugs veterinary medicine Prazitsid proved to be good for dogs in the form of a suspension. How does this medicine work, what are the features application and are there any contraindications?


  • 1. Description of the suspension Prazitsid
  • 2. The composition of the suspension Prazitsid
  • 3. Advantages of the suspension Prazitsid
  • 4. The purpose of the drug
  • 5. How does Prazicide suspension work?
  • 6. Dosing and administration
  • 7. Storage of suspension
  • 8. Contraindications to the suspension Prazitsid
  • 9. Precautions

Description of the suspension Prazitsid

Prazicide suspension plus for dogs

This medicine belongs to modern combined drugs that provide not only preventive, but also a therapeutic effect, eliminating various types of parasitic worms in pets. Prazicide destroys round and tape helminths at any stage of development, and also effectively fights with mixed helminthic invasions.

Many dog owners rated the drug in suspension form, so how easy it is to give an animal. It has a pleasant aroma and like pets. Suitable for all dogs and cats, regardless of breed and age.

If you strictly follow the instructions, the medicine does not have negative effects on the body of the animal, all toxins quickly leave the body naturally. Suspension Prazicide Plus available in various volumes (5-15 ml), included special dispenser in the form of a syringe. Five-seven- and a nine-milliliter suspension of Prazicide sweet.

Manufacturers produce two product lines Prazitsid – Plus – means intended for adults and puppies of medium and large sizes, another – sweet suspension – for puppies dwarf breeds, kittens and cats.

A special sticker-sticker for premises in the veterinary passport.

The composition of the suspension Prazitsid

Suspensions are intended for oral administration. Composed of The drug contains the following active ingredients:

  • febantel (a substance from the category of probenzimidazoles, which biotransform, once in the body, into benzimidazoles) – 45 mg / ml facilities;
  • pyrantel pamoate (compound from the pyrimidine group) – 45 mg / ml facilities;
  • praziquantel (effective anthelmintic) – 15 mg / ml facilities.

Veterinary preparation is light yellow in color. specific smell. Education may occur during storage. clots, so the bottle is carefully recommended before use to shake.

Advantages of the suspension Prazitsid

Suspension prazitsid plus from worms in dogs

This is the first Russian-made anthelmintic drug in liquid form, which has a number of specific advantages:

  • has a mild effect;
  • eliminates most types of helminths;
  • the drug is easily dosed;
  • It has a pleasant taste and aroma for animals, which facilitates its application.

Additionally, a syringe with a scale is included in the kit dispensing and stickers for veterinary passport.

Prescribing a medication

Suspension of Prazicide is prescribed as a medicinal and a prophylactic against parasites of the gastrointestinal tract dogs of any age. You can give puppies medicine with three weeks old.

The active ingredients of the suspension are effective against nematodes (roundworms – toxocara, ankil, etc.), cestodes (tapeworms of worms – echinococcus, cucumber tapeworm, etc.) and other invasions, in including mixed nematode-cestosis.

The drug fights not only with adult parasites, but also destroys their eggs and larvae. This provides effective protection. the body of the animal from infection with parasites with timely taking the drug.

How does Prazicide suspension work?

A powerful component of the drug Prazicide – praziquantel makes permeable cell membranes of parasites, as a result of which It has a strong inhibitory effect on worms. Praziquantel provokes a spasm of muscle tissue of the worms, which leads subsequently to their paralysis. This active substance is fast. enters the system of the gastrointestinal tract, spreads throughout organism and leaves it naturally – through urinary system.

The second component of the suspension – pyrantel pamoate, on the contrary, has low absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, therefore more for a long time affects helminths. Substance is capable remove toxins (worm products) from the body with feces.

A high peak in the effectiveness of the drug Prazicide is achieved through 60-180 minutes after administration. This is primarily affected by size pet – in small dogs a natural metabolism occurs faster than representatives of large breeds.

Dosage and rules for use

Prazicide suspension plus for dogs dosage

A sweet suspension designed for small puppies can give in two ways:

  • in the morning during the first feeding, the drug is added to feed;
  • using the attached syringe dispenser, the suspension can be poured into fall the dog on the root of the tongue.

The tool is calculated based on the weight of the pet – 1 ml drug per 1 kg of dog body weight. Before giving a pet, vial recommended for one to two minutes well to shake.

The use of a suspension of Prazicide does not require special preparation – fasting, food restrictions, taking drugs with laxative effect. As a prophylactic the suspension is given to the animal once a season, as well as before grafting.

Treatment of worms is carried out according to veterinary indications. If If a puppy has severe helminthic invasions, then therapy with Prazicide carried out repeatedly – after about a week, not earlier.

Suspension Prazitsid Plus give the animal also in the morning feeding, or undiluted immediately into the mouth. For adults animals, regardless of size, Plus 60 is taken and calculated dosage goes like this: for every 3 kg of weight 1 ml is necessary suspensions.

Suspension Plus 40 is suitable for large breed puppies, it is given 1 ml each for every two kilograms. Before using this product preparatory manipulations are not required.

Do not give the drug without consulting a veterinarian to pregnant women and lactating females. Only a specialist can decide the feasibility use of this tool and correctly calculate dosage.

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Suspension storage

It is worth making sure that the suspension is stored where it is not. can get small children and animals. Better to choose a place dark, away from sunlight and light.

It is forbidden to store the drug with food, as well as take it out of storage for storage. Suitable temperature for storage is from 10 ° to 20 ° C. On the packaging you can find information that the shelf life of the suspension is three of the year.

Contraindications Suspension Prazitsid

Contraindications prazicide suspension plus for dogs

Before using the product, you must carefully study instruction, since there are a number of situations when it is not used follows. These include:

  • individual intolerance of the suspension substances or hypersensitivity to them;
  • the presence of an infectious disease in a dog;
  • rehabilitation period after surgery, treatment injuries or illnesses, recovery period.

It is not recommended to carry out deworming 21 days before delivery and the same period after childbirth. Also not worth it give the drug to young puppies under three weeks old age.

The manufacturer warns that some individuals may the occurrence of an allergic reaction. In this case, the animal antihistamines are prescribed. Other side effects have no funds.

If an overdose of the drug suddenly occurs, then it is possible manifestation of the following symptoms:

  • excessive salivation;
  • malfunctions of the digestive tract (vomiting, loose stools, etc.);
  • the animal becomes lethargic and refuses food.

This condition requires immediate contact with a veterinarian. Suspension Prazitsid Plus is highly effective against many parasitic worms, due to high content of active components. Therefore, it is worth it carefully refer to the dosage of the suspension and follow the recommendations, specified in the instructions.

Precautionary measures

In contact with the drug, hygiene rules must be observed. and safety precautions, which is provided for working with any medicines.

During the period of work with the product, you should not smoke, drink or eat. After the procedure, it is recommended to wash your hands with gel or soap, preferably if it will have an antibacterial effect. Packing funds must be disposed of immediately and in no case use it in everyday life.

If the suspension gets on the skin or mucous membranes, you need to immediately wash the affected area under running water. If you have sensitive skin, the work is best done in special gloves to avoid contact.

Regular deworming allows the pet not to only keep healthy, but also makes it active, fun and cheerful.

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