Porselin (Porcelain Hound)

To date, many dog breeds have literally disappeared from the face. lands, and porcelains could be among them. But canine enthusiasts made a lot of efforts, restoring the population of porcelain hounds –Excellent hunters and very beautiful dogs. Porselin, she’s porcelain or noble royal hound – unique breed with an interesting history. Its representatives are real a rarity, but they always attract the attention of others.


  • 1. The origin of the breed
  • 2. Description of the breed porcelain
    • 2.1. Wool and colors
  • 3. Character and disposition
  • 4. Education and training of porcelain
  • 5. Care
  • 6. Breed diseases
  • 7. The regimen and diet of feeding
  • 8. Content
  • 9. Photography
  • 10. Video about Porselin
  • 11. Buying a china hound puppy

Origin of breed

Porselin – the oldest French breed of hounds, roots which goes deep into the ages. Authentic Dog Origin unknown, but experts are inclined to believe that they are the result of crossing the English foxhound and the Lucerne hound from Switzerland, which were known back in ancient times Greece. Porselin (Porcelain Hound) Read the article

Porcelain hounds were correctly selected to improve their hunting performance, dogs knitted with the best representatives of hounds: blue Gascons, bills, Somerset Gray Hares. Porcelain as independent breeds appeared in the 15th century, they were originally bred in the ancient French abbeys of Luxel and Clooney.

At that time, dogs with white hair were considered marriage and mercilessly destroyed, but the porcelain were the first “blondes” which not only gained popularity in their homeland, but also became favorites of royalty. They were actively used for hunting hares, roe deer, as well as for the rut of wild boar.

But until 1845 the breed did not even have an official name, and the first pedigree club in the homeland of the porcelain appeared only in 1971 year. Porcelain hounds survived to this day, and today They are bright, but rare representatives of their species.

Porcelain breed description

If you look into the dictionary, then “porcelaine” in French means china. Why are the hounds so named? It’s all about their appearance – a white, smooth coat has bright, glossy shine, and grace and harmonious addition gives understand – before us is a real aristocrat of the canine world, like a porcelain figurine – incredibly beautiful and insanely expensive.

But the dog is not an elegant toy, a white porcelain hound has a powerful and proportional build, her body is covered developed muscles, and performance and endurance can only envy. The dog combines sophistication and incredible power.

The growth of dogs of this breed varies from 55 to 58 cm, female – from 53 to 56 cm, weight independent from the floor and ranges from 26 to 29 kg. At the exhibition assessment of individuals with the same mass preference is given to dogs, having a harmonious and proportional physique.

Also, with a standard assessment, they are strictly not only suitable for the appearance of the dogs, but also their character. At home the hound must be calm, balanced, behave noble, without fussiness. Feeling excited, the dog becomes agile, impulsive, interested. Hunting highly sought after qualities such as perseverance, fearlessness, tirelessness.

All hounds, and porcelain are no exception, possess in an outstanding voice – the extraordinary voice data, they bark loudly, full of water, their loud barking becomes terrifying howl. In the standard, dogs are described as follows way:

  1. The head is harmonious, it elongated, with a wide skull and well-developed, distinguished occipital tubercle. On the cranial part there is almost flat, dividing groove. Stop is, is smooth, smooth line, without sharp transitions.
  2. The back of the nose is elongated, straight, only closer to the lobe a small hump. The lobe is wide, large, with open nostrils. The jaws are powerful, with a full set of strong teeth, forming a regular, scissor bite.
  3. The eyes are round, large, set shallow and not very broad, with an expressive, attentive look. Iris pigmented in brown, but preferably eyes brown-orange hue.
  4. Ears – decent length and width, set low, overhang on a thin, flexible cartilage. The edges of the ears with harmonious sharpening. Porselen (Porcelain Hound) breed description
  5. The body of porcelain hounds is proportional, Strong, slightly stretched format. In the case of hounds, balance is important. between the length of the body and the volume of the sternum, the dog should have the ability to be in motion for a long time, but to run did not cause oxygen starvation in him.
  6. A neck of moderate width, well muscled, oval, elongated and strong. Withers pronounced, passes into developed scruff, powerful shoulder girdle.
  7. The chest is wide, of good depth, the last pair of ribs is slightly bent and raised. Shortened back smooth, goes into a strong lower back and croup with a neat bevel. The inguinal lines are tightened, but without dryness.
  8. The limbs are straight, long, with an oval boned, but do not look damp or overloaded. The shoulders are excellent developed, with elbow joints directed strictly back. Forelimbs, from the elbow to below, practically sheer, metatarsus have a slope, but do not sag. Hips covered dry muscles, not very long. Decent hock joints fortresses, not lowered and not pulled up, are sent only back. Brushes lumpy, if fingers are loose, then this is a serious flaw, an indicator that the dog has a weak skeleton.
  9. The tail is thick, strong, resilient whip. It is carried at the level of the back or slightly higher. When the dog excited, the tail acquires a small bend in the form of a saber.

Wool and colors

The coat of porcelain is dense, shiny, and fits well to the skin. The fin is thin, lies neatly — hair to the hair. what as for color, it is considered one of the breed features, a sign of a purebred dog.

The color of the main coat is white, orange spots or specks that do not merge as chepraka. Porcelain the hound can be easily recognized by the red spots on the ears.

Character and temper

The representative of the breed is a calm, balanced dog, but at the same time very fast-moving and reckless. Hounds know how to work and to contact with their own kind, before they were often kept in packs. The pet will be happy to play with other dogs on site, and you can also get some dogs of this breed –– they will find a common language.

During the hunt, the dog is tireless and ruthless, has a natural anger to the beast. Females and males are characterized by behavioral differences in everyday life, but during the hunt they’re equally stubborn, hardy and aggressive to prey. Bitches are softer a friendly look, but do not expect from them nobility and compliance.

Once in the house, the hound easily finds a common language with all members family, becoming not just a pet, but loyal and affectionate friend. The pet is immediately attached to the owner and performs perfectly role of companion. But it is desirable to have porcelain to people leading active lifestyle. You’ll have to play with your pet for a long time, walk, do sport. The favorite thing for hounds is hunting, from which they get maximum pleasure, showing the best qualities and spending excess energy.

Porselin is hard to endure loneliness – if for a long time leave the dog alone, he will begin to show anxiety and yearn. The dog is good-natured, affectionate, therefore, is a great dog for families. But before buying a puppy, you should consider – you can’t name the hound quiet pet, he can bark for a long time and loudly, showing any emotion, be it joy or discontent.

Dogs of this breed are excellent for children, they are gentle and patient, can endure any leprosy and pain, even cruelty from small owners themselves.

To strangers, porcelains are calm and can take affection from strangers. They are sociable, friendly and fast. get used to the guests, therefore, despite the loud barking and vigilance, not able to perform guard or guard functions. Due to friendliness, the pet cannot appreciate the prevailing situation and respond appropriately.

Porcelain hound – a hunter with highly developed instincts, which can not be controlled, and even a well-mannered dog they will appear sooner or later. Any small animal dog will considered as prey, and even the cat with whom he lives side by side, risks becoming her. Why keep the hound in the house with other smaller pets are not recommended.

Parents education and training

Hounds, including porcelain, are not suitable for beginners, dogs possess some independence and firm character. To the owner during the upbringing of his four-legged friend will have to be persistent. With the right approach, the dog is obedient, and thanks high intelligence, he quickly learns new skills. If a interest the pet, it will easily perform even complex tasks. Porselin (Porcelain Hound) is running

The hound will obey the owner only if he She will become a leader for her – strong-willed and uncompromising. If though just to give slack, the pet will definitely take advantage of this, and not time. It should prove to the dog that the decisions that the owner makes should not be questioned, and orders should be executed clearly and without delay.

You can’t be too rude, shout at a dog or exercise physical strength. Offending a pet is easy. For a long time remembering the offense, he can refuse to execute commands and stop listen. Experts recommend using for training porcelain positive reinforcement – pet good perceives affection, goodies and sensitively captures positive notes in owner’s head.

Porselen’s main job is hunting, and if the owner suggests using a pet for these purposes, it is advisable take out the grown puppy to nature. Representative of this breed able to work in almost any environment, regardless nature, and it is important that he has the opportunity to get acquainted with various landscapes and smells.


This breed is considered unpretentious, and these dogs do not require complex care, enough standard hygiene procedures:

  • daily brushing with soft bristles –This will save the pet from dead hair and will be excellent massage for the skin;
  • a rare bath – it’s enough to wash the dog twice a year, so how his coat has dirt-repellent grease; at minor contamination, you can wipe the pet’s coat with a damp a napkin;
  • regular inspection – hunting dogs involved in work, are at risk – they are often injured, they various parasites are often found, therefore, after leaving for the forest of the four-legged hunter is desirable to inspect, paying particular attention to the auricles, pads, pads, armpits, to the eyes.

Also, do not neglect preventive measures. – vaccinations, parasite treatments, deworming. And every six months it is advisable to show the pet to the veterinary to the doctor.

Breed diseases

In general, porcelain hounds are healthy pets, but all there are a number of diseases that are more often diagnosed than others in porcelain:

  • dysplasia of large joints;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • chronic ear infections;
  • diseases of the hearing aid;
  • cryptorchidism.

Another nuance is in dogs of this breed. sensitivity to drugs for anesthesia. Subject to good maintenance, feeding, care and preventive examinations most of these pathologies can be avoided.

The regimen and diet of feeding

Despite the popularity of ready-made rations, feed porcelain hounds are recommended natural foods. Main ingredient the diet should be meat, an adult dog eats 400-500 a day grams of lean beef, chicken, lamb or turkey. Also dog You can give offal – a scar, neck and head of chickens. Vegetables in Menus are present, but not more than 200-250 grams per day. Porselen (Porcelain Hound) muzzle

The porridge is cooked porridge – with meat, the addition of greens, vegetable oil. It is not recommended to give fermented milk hounds products on the same day as meat is not the best food combination for porselenov.

If the owner has absolutely no time to cook the dog food, allowed to feed it with finished industrial feed, but it there must be a high-quality product that does not contain components, capable of causing allergies.


Porselin is suitable for living in a city apartment or private sector or countryside. If it is supposed to be maintenance in a country house, the owner should be equipped for Pet’s spacious, reliable aviary.

Regardless of the conditions of detention, it is important to ensure the dog regular intense loads, then he will behave at home calm and polite.

Photoporselen Porselin (Porcelain Hound) is watchingPorselin (Porcelain Hound) in the winterPorselen muzzlePorselen with a puppyPorselin liesPorselin Trio

Porselin video

Buying a Porcelain Hound Puppy

Hounds are specific dogs that are used to hunting, so not everyone is suitable as pets. It is not surprising that they are not as common as, for example, decorative four-legged. But in Russia, the hounds are still there are, although there are not so many porcelain beauties among them.

There are nurseries that breed porcelain, but more often this is not the only breed that is in the works. There are also private enthusiastic breeders who can offer quality puppies from working dogs.

Naturally, buying from random sellers is a matter of very risky, if the baby is without documents, then his guarantees health and pure breed are practically absent.

The cost of porcelain puppies with a pedigree depends on their class and titled parents:

  • a pet-class kid costs about 5000-6000 rubles, such a pet cannot participate in exhibitions and breeding;
  • the price of a puppy breed class varies from 10,000 to 35,000 rubles;
  • for a chic representative of the show class breed with excellent genetics will have to pay more – from 55,000 rubles.

Porselin is a wonderful representative of the type of hounds, possessing external beauty combined with excellent working qualities. But it is advisable to purchase it for work – without it this the magnificent dog will wither and lose its gloss.

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