Pit bull Sasha pulled out a small mistress

In California (USA), a pit bull dog warned of a fire his family and personally helped to get the baby out of the fire. Dog by nicknamed Sasha and a girl named Masayla were born in almost the same day, and now they have a second common birthday.

Tired of the day, Latana’s young mother was fast asleep, but her raised to his feet the barking dog. The woman saw through the window how the house of neighbors burns and woke up his whole family. Very soon flame spread to their home. Latana rushed for the most valuable thing she is – a daughter, but the stunned one stopped.

Maysal already had someone to save – carefully so as not to harm baby, she was dragged for diapers by the pet pit bull Sasha. None of the family were hurt on that terrible fire.

Girl and dog

It so happened that Sasha and Maysala’s birth dates are almost coincide, from the very beginning some kind of special connection. But if for a dog a year and a half is quite mature age, then her human age is still a baby, therefore, Sasha took her little mistress under personal care.

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