Pig under the armpit

Ohio State Farmers Revived Spectacular and Unusual competitions that have almost a century of history – auto racing with piglets under the arm.

According to legend, a kind man at the beginning of the last century caught up on a car of a nimble runaway pig and delivered it back to to the farmer. Allegedly this is not a very significant event and was the reason for fun Pig N ‘Fords auto races held regularly in end of every summer since 1925.

This fun tradition has been revived in Tillamook County. Races pass on a retro car no less than half a century old. To start and then drive such an antique car along a broken road while holding ten-kilogram piglet, you need to have considerable power and shutter speed.

The hero of the day this time was the local farmer Marty Walker, who managed to win the Pig N ‘Fords race without releasing a swivel piglet.

Racing Pig N 'Fords
Racing Pig N 'Fords
Racing Pig N 'Fords

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