Photographer earned on the Red Book birds

An enterprising photographer settled on the promenade in Alushta with two rare birds of prey: buzzard and kestrel. Feathered in he was seized and transferred to the zoo.

Common Buzzard and Kestrel – freedom-loving birds of prey, bright representatives of the feathered fauna of the Black Sea. Both types listed in the Red Book and are under protection state. They barely endure captivity and need special conditions of detention.

Common Buzzard Bird

It is unlikely that the photographer from the embankment was part-time a bird of prey specialist – they were exclusively interested in him as a source of additional profit. Militiamen confiscated from rare birds and handed over to the specialists of the zoo, where the birds restore health and create proper conditions. Intruder himself managed to escape, he is waiting for a substantial fine for administrative violation.

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