Photo selection of zoo residents on a planned weighing

London Zoo workers stockpiled with tape measures, weights and patience.

Every year, in all zoos of the world, their residents undergo a planned weighing procedure.

This happened at the London Zoo. 19 thousand live in it. different kinds of animals. Through an annual ritual of measurement The parameters were giraffes, monkeys, penguins, gorillas, tigers, meerkats.

Penguins get on the scales

After all the activities, the zoo’s assistants compare the resulting figures with menageries in other regions and cities. Thus, employees of all zoos receive information about animals, including endangered animals.

In general, many animals are interested in the procedure. But there is and those who reluctantly climb onto the scales. Then the workers are forced be smart and creative.

Squirrel monkeys are passionate about the process

London Zoo

These squirrel monkeys (Saimiri) were clearly interested in the scales, but in the bucket to determine the weight did not dare to jump.

A worker is trying to measure the growth of a giraffe.

So the worker measures the growth of a young giraffe. For this he pulls treats to maximum height.

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