Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

The birthplace of the sharpei breed is China. Dogs that looks resembled Chow Chow and Tibetan mastiff, used as hunters and watchmen. Nowadays, sharpei wins hearts dog breeders with a friendly character and a special love for children. But it is worth remembering that this is a fighting breed and for external softness there is a stubborn disposition. For the puppy to grow into a smart dog with many folds, it is necessary to monitor its development from the very birth.

Puppy at birth

The first days of the week the newborn sharpei is not independent. Him main needs are milk and heat. He still does not see anything and does not hear. Focuses only on sensations of heat and cold, as well as to the smell of mother. The puppy moves automatically in a circle, looking for warm nipples of a dog. Despite the daily weight gain of the kittens still remains as helpless. The only difference Sharpei cutie from other breeds – purple tongue.

Photos of newborn sharpei:

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

2 weeks

12 days have passed. and the little puppy opens its eyes. But the pupil reacts so far only to light, without distinguishing objects. Soon baby begins to crawl back and forth and gradually gets up on its feet. by doing first uncertain steps. On the 20th day, the first teeth are cut. Now the puppy can chew and bite. At the age of two weeks at Necessarily follows the first clipping of the claws. In the same period the ability to wave a tail appears. But for now, such a reaction manifests itself spontaneously, without a manifestation of joy or greeting. All the rest is taken care of by a caring mother.

1 month

This period is very important in the development of small sharpei. These chubby babies already weigh almost 3 kg, and their height at the withers reaches 23 cm. Right now it’s time to introduce the first lure, but wean the children from Moms are too early. They can already independently choose from their corner and go to the toilet away from the bed. For 30 days all litter from worms should be processed.

Monthly puppies:

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

Important! A monthly puppy must be shown to a veterinarian to Do not miss the inversion of the eyelids. This is due to the fact that the eyelids are skin folds that can close your eyes. Because of this happens corneal deformity. Such a defect is resolved by a hemming operation. century.

Babies are fed 3 times a day until 3 months of age. In the diet at least 40% of meat, 30% of vegetables and 30% cereals. The meat can be given raw in small pieces, from buckwheat and rice groats are preferred. It is worth remembering that this breed is very whimsical, so the menu for each dog individually compiled.

2 months

The behavioral period when a dog needs to be accustomed to elementary actions: go to the toilet on the diaper, walk in the collar, define the boundaries of what is allowed. Since the kitten weighs on average 6-7 kg., Has sharp teeth, he can gnaw furniture, things, bark at lack of master. Right now, he must understand that it is possible to do and what not. You can start learning teams, but in easy playful form.

Photo of a sharpei puppy at 2 months:

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

Attention! Permanent restrictions and penalties may injure the fragile psyche of the dog, and sharpei will grow aggressive.

At this time, the connection of the mother with the kutis needs to be limited. Otherwise puppies will be non-self-reliant and will have a hard time relocating to the new owner. It’s time to do the first vaccinations. First trip to a veterinary clinic can be a real test for a pet, therefore, treat a little sharpei with special attention.

3 months

The acquaintance with the outside world begins, which is necessary carry out gradually so that the puppy is not afraid of noisy streets and crowds people. The pet can already weigh 10-11 kg., And needs constant complementary foods. It is worth remembering that the amount of food directly depends on the size dogs and should be 5% of the total weight. From natural food sharpei prefers chicken necks and wings. From this age it is necessary to suppress aggressive behavior, replacing it with games. It is at the age of three months that the pet must understand that food can take only from the hands of the owner.

3 month old puppy:

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

4 months

After 4 months, sharpei is a stocky powerful dog weighing 12-13 kg. You need to feed him 2 times per day. If socialization is successful, the pet no longer needs excessive custody. He enjoys playing with other dogs, shows obstinacy and does not respond to a call. It’s time to spend intense training. Teams need to work out confidently and demanding. But screaming at a dog and scaring her is impossible.

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

At this time, you can work out the following commands:

  • walking on a leash and without next to the owner;
  • return at the first call;
  • compliance with the requirements of “lying”, “sitting”, “standing”;
  • understanding of prohibitions;
  • cessation of barking by order of the owner.

The main thing a dog should learn at this age is discipline and obedience.

6 months

At six months, sharpei reaches a mass of 19 kg and grows to 40 cm. withers. He has a growing need to nibble things as they grow permanent teeth. need to get him special “bones”. Exactly at this age, puberty of the dog begins. Main features the nature of the pet at this age is stubbornness, disobedience and rebellion. He can run away, refuse execute commands. Be firm and insist on doing it requirements. Cruelty in training is not allowed. Six months – old enough to identify gaps in raising a dog. it’s time to fix them.

Sharpei photo at 6 months:

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

from 7 to 12 month

This period is called the “period of fear.” The dog changes his behavior. constant noise is alarming her. she is scared get close to a stranger. Care should be taken to such manifestations and not force sharpei to get rid of cowardice. Affectionate friendly tone, stroking is welcome and calm quiet words. Gradually the teenager will overcome a sense of fear and will begin to trust people. It’s almost a year formed personality with its habits and behavior.

Photo and development of sharpei puppies for months

To timely control the development of sharpei, you need stick to the development table for months:

Age Weight Height
Newborn sharpei puppy 350 – 475 g 17 – 20 cm (in length)
1 month 3-3.5 kg 21-23 cm
2 months 5-8 kg 29-30 cm
3 months 8-10 kg 33-35 cm
4 months 11-14 kg 35-38 cm
5 months 15-17 kg 38-39 cm
6 months 18-19 kg 39-41 cm
Seven months 19-21 kg 41-44 cm
8-9 months 19-24 kg 44-48 cm
10-12 months 25-30 kg 48-51 cm

The sharpei breed requires special care, so breeders must know all the rules: comb out folds in a timely manner, trim nails, monitor nose, ear and mouth hygiene, bathe and to walk. A special place should be given to games, only so a puppy learn to communicate with people and other dogs. If you follow all requirements, the pet will delight with its behavior and friendliness.

Video – the development, care and maintenance of sharpei puppies

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