Philippine goat gave birth to strange kids

At the farm Sultan Kudarat (Philippines) in early November, a goat alone of the local residents gave birth to a half-pig half-man. About it informed the Daily Mail news agency.

On the farm at the 40-year-old Josephine Repik, the goat was supposed to give her first offspring. But the usual lambing of the animal turned into a local curse of the village.

The birth of a goat was difficult, so the residents decided to help her by making a cesarean. The first kid was completely ordinary and healthy. But the appearance of the next fetus caused horror cries in people present. The second kid was 2 times larger than the first. Instead of ordinary wool – pale skin, instead of hooves – legs, instead the muzzle is the face.

The unknown beast was born on a Philippine farm


The owner said that it was not possible to save the mother and her offspring. Residents saw in this beast – the appearance of the devil, bringing failure to the whole settlement.

Experts suggest that the goat became infected during pregnancy a fever transmitted by mosquitoes. As a result what happened the genetic mutation of the fetus.

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