Perm meme cat did not live to see sixteen years

The Cat Marquis is famous for his ability to clearly express his opinion. For the first time a video with his participation was published on YouTube channel back in 2011. 2018 movie with funny over 12 million people watched animals.

One of the most popular cats in the media just barely survived. until his sixteenth birthday. By human standards, the Marquis should was 80 years old.

According to its owners, the cat died from an incurable disease, which aggravated due to the age of the animal. For owners The marquise parting was heavy and sad, since the mustachioed became a truly faithful member and friend of the family.

NONONONO CAT video hit the world media, including on the television. Marquise was shown in Japan and the USA. And his fans even tried to beat and parody the animal.

The pain of loss from the cat has not yet subsided, so the Permians have not yet thought about a new replenishment.

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