Perfect Fit Cat Food: Overview and reviews

PERFECT FIT Cat Food Overview

For a modern person, weighed down by constant problems in work, family relations, crisis in the country, communication with home favorite – this is one of the unshakable anti-stress moments. because that a cat or dog loves its owner not for something, but against all odds. Naturally, the owner also wants to thank the pet. Besides petting and communicating with the animal, the owner is preoccupied with what to feed your beloved furry friend. Trying to find the perfect balanced feed, sometimes you have to act by trial and bugs, buying more and more feed. One of the popular feed for cats in our country is PERFECT FIT. Consider the composition of this feed, customer reviews, information provided manufacturer, and we conclude whether this feed is good. Feed Perfect Fit manufactured by Mars, Inc., in the range are dry and wet food. PERFECT FIT dry diet includes feed: junior (for kittens), active (for adult active cats), in-home (for couch potatoes), senior (for older animals), sterile (for sterilized), In-form, hair & beauty (for giving beauty and health of the cat and its coat) and sensitive (for animals with sensitive digestion and health problems). In wet the same feed names except for senior and in-form. On sale dry food packaging weighing 190 g, 750 g, 1200 g, wet feed of 85 g. The manufacturer claims that there is no feed harmful dyes, preservatives, flavors, as well as soy.

The price of Perfect Fit food for cats

Dry food Perfect Fit for cats can be bought at such prices *:

  • Dry food Perfect Fit 190 g – 81 rubles;
  • Dry food Perfect Fit 1.2 kg – 383 rubles;
  • Dry food Perfect Fit 3 kg – 938 rubles.

* – current status as of June 2016

Composition of cat food “PERFECT FIT”

Consider the composition of dry food Perfect Fit for cats on the example of product “Sensitive for especially demanding, with chicken.” Composition: dehydrated poultry protein (including chicken at least 24%) and animal protein, animal fat, yeast, corn, corn gluten and flour, rice, rice protein, dried beets, soy flour, flour from calendula flowers, vitamins, minerals, salt. Ingredients included the composition of the wet food Perfect Fit for cats will be studied by example Product “Junior for kittens, chicken stew.” The composition of this feed includes: meat and offal (chicken at least 20%), cereals, vegetable oil, taurine, vitamins, minerals. IN All PERFECT FIT feeds contain corn and salt. Stern enriched with vitamins (A, C, D, E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, etc.). The amount of protein, fat and Vitamins vary depending on the type of feed.

Cons of cat food “Perfect Fit”

The biggest disadvantage of these products for animals is the composition. The producer adds salt to the feed, which is very harmful on the health of cats. The presence of vitamins and minerals does not have so important because salt is fatal for an animal and entails diseases of the kidneys, stomach, liver. Next from harmful components – corn, corn gluten. Very often these products cause allergic reactions in the animal. Yeast can cause indigestion and bloating in some animals. Meat in this feed exclusively in a dehydrated form, simply dried up. In addition to meat, feed contains offal, and it is not known which ones. By the way, some cats have chicken may cause allergic reactions. And in Perfect Fit Chicken in almost every item. The feed composition is hardly called excellent, despite all the promises of the manufacturer. The buyer may be upset by the cost of this feed. Manufacturer PERFECTFIT is positioned as a premium product, therefore the price is biting. We can say that the price for such a composition unreasonably overpriced.

Pluses of cat food “PERFECT FIT”

The positive quality of feed Perfect Fit for cats is a large number of items, you can purchase a product for a kitten, an elderly animal, for sterilized cats, or another variety, depending on individual preferences and features of the cat’s body. Buyer may please the opportunity to purchase both dry and wet food. This will allow alternate PERFECT FIT products. In addition, you can purchase it absolutely no problem in any pet store and most medium supermarkets. The official website of the manufacturer promises that this food will make the cat healthy and active, will lead to excess normal weight, natural fiber will remove wool from the body animal. Using PERFECT FIT will help fight urolithiasis illness due to the right amount of minerals. Cat throughout life will have a healthy heart, good vision. All this is promised by the feed producer.

Reviews about cat food “Perfect Fit”

Boris on one of the sites of animal lovers writes a review about feed Perfect Fit for cats: “Two cats live in my house. Most often I feed them with natural food. I only buy dry feed sometimes I don’t trust their quality, you can put anything there. BUT I successfully replace canned food with pastes or the same sprat. I repent, there was an action on this feed in the store, so I bought it. Opened and from there such a smell comes disgusting. Cats ate him reluctantly. I read the composition and was horrified. What is in this poop of the present? They mixed corn, some strange composition. Why a cat to be healthy? I looked for reviews on the Internet and realized that cat health more important to me, I would not recommend anyone to buy the Perfect Fit … “. counterweight to Boris writes a review about the Perfect Fit feed for Jeanne’s cats: “I’ve been feeding Perfect Fit for 4 years. I don’t understand why scold him. My pet has no allergies reactions to it. Price suits me, quality too. The cat is eating such food with great pleasure. Other food does not recognize at all. The cat has everything in perfect order, the coat is shiny, the cat is playful. It can be seen when the animal is healthy. Maybe he’s not a super-extra class, but also pretty good … ”

Should I buy PERFECT FIT for cats?

The manufacturer beautifully describes the merits of the product, but its The composition speaks for itself. Unlike other feeds for the same premium quality, Perfect Fit contains a lot of dubious ingredients that are not at all good for the cat. If we emphasize that the cat is a predator, then PERFECT FIT is unlikely whether the animal will please because of its composition. Also on the site manufacturer states that Perfect Fit products are manufactured in Germany, and on the packages themselves it is indicated that the feed was produced in Of Russia. So there is also inconsistency. In view of the fact that the feed quite expensive, and its quality is poor the owner of the cat should look for another feed in which it will be made emphasis on real meat, not cheap corn, beets (causing digestive problems) and salt. This is especially dangerous food may be for animals with a problem gastrointestinal a path and a tendency to allergies.

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