Parrot shocking cats with meowing meow

To live with cats – cat-like talk – came to this conclusion wise white parrot. He quickly learned a “foreign” language, once in the cat company.

White-crested cockatoo – this species is so called – great imitators. They easily master dozens of words in any human language, complementing them with funny phrases, in accurately reproducing the timbre of the voice and even intonation. So that to learn a “few words” in cat language for them is definitely not no problem.

Parrot and Cats

And what, interestingly, is he telling them?

The feathered hero of the popular video succeeded in this question and masterfully poses as a cat. Important walking in front of three teenage kittens, he meowed plaintively and even hisses, which puts their interlocutors in a state of stupor – they they don’t know what to answer and what to do.

This YouTube video has already gained over four million views – join and you if you want to raise yourself mood.

Video: Cockatoo speaks cats in their language

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