Owl evicted a woodpecker from a hollow: photo of birds

A funny incident happened in a national park near the city Gettysburg, USA. The owl unceremoniously occupied the woodpecker’s dwelling.

The witness of the incident was the photographer Tracy Sepkovich. By her the owl calmly dozed in a tree trunk when it flew up to her woodpecker. He examined the hollow, circling it, but the sleeping bird even didn’t open her eyes. Tracy thinks the woodpecker was stored in a tree stocks.

owl and woodpecker

This species of woodpecker, the Caroline melanepers, is known for arranges food caches in tree cracks

The photographer was thrilled when the woodpecker came close to an owl, since the outcome of the meeting was unknown. However, the birds never talked. The owl, who took someone else’s place, opened her eyes, only when the unlucky owner of the hollow flew away.

owl in the hollow

Owl and Woodpecker Encountered in Pennsylvania, USA

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