Original solution: a resident of Canada escaped from the cougar with the help of the Metallica group

Heavy metal – a rather specific music, not very popular to all people. As it turned out, cougars from her, too, are not enthusiastic.

Dee Gallant, living in Vancouver Canada, while walking with her dog came across a cougar. A woman escaped from a predator in an original way: by turning on the phone of a song by Metallica on the phone. According to Dee, the music scared the cougar, and she immediately ran away. ABOUT incident reported by vicnews.com.

At first, when meeting with a predatory cat, Gallant tried to frighten off her screams. The woman shouted: “Get out of here! I will fight with you!”


However, it was useless. Then Gallant decided what was needed try something louder. In the audio recordings of the phone she found Don’t Tread On Me by Metallica turned it on.

“Hardly heard heavy metal, the predator ran into the bushes,” – says Dee Gallant.

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