Open the door to the cat!

There are a lot of funny videos of talking cats on the Internet, but the plot about the gray cat Jacob is special. Firstly, this cat is Russian-speaking, which can not but rejoice. And secondly, charming Jacob is so disposed to himself that I want to stop him soon suffering and demand from the owners: the freedom of the cat, open it to him Door!

The same opinion – and most commentators on the speaker’s video a cat that has scored hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. The hosts Yakov made this video a year ago, but recently a second wave of interest in the sufferer cat.

The owner of the cat, who became famous, says: actions unfold at the door to the balcony, where the yard often comes cat is a bully and regularly annoys Yasha. People pity redhead and feed him, why such scenes are repeated more often and more often.

Outraged by the encroachment on his territory, gray the cat is trying to scare the redhead with uterine howls. A maybe Jacob expresses something unpleasant to the redhead in his cat’s tongue. But it turns out quite humanly: “Open open the door for me! Open !!! “- Jacob broadcasts, goggling and clutching ears. It’s amazingly funny to watch and listen.

And if you take a closer look at the closed door, then behind it indeed, you can consider the red shaggy physiognomy. This the caudate guest clearly does not come here to camp for the first time, he clearly knows: no one will open this very door, until harsh men’s showdowns and fights, it will not work.

However, you definitely need to see and hear it yourself.

Video: you just open, and I’ll get to this arrogant redhead muzzles!

Another’s popularity is a terrible motivating force: online from time there are new videos with cats who are trying repeat the famous phrase of Jacob. But all of them are still missing skills, or inspiration – views from such video remakes significantly less.

Well, it’s good that the owners did not open it to him. Do not bid the same: who will win, gray or red? The authors of the video just love animals – and his, domestic, and alien, outbred. Thanks to them for that.

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