On the catwalk, cats were worn: video

An unusual fashion show was held in New York (USA). Outfits from Couture on it was represented by outbred cats.

The famous Algonquin Hotel, where the fashion show was held, is personal an example involved in solving the problem of homeless animals. Already a hundred years here, next to many world celebrities, live cats and cats picked up on the street – they also become stars. The first mascot of the hotel was the street cat Billy, and now in Algonquin Hotel found its home cat Hamlet.

Cat on the Catwalk

Cat models are very serious.

Demonstrating on the catwalk clothes from the best designers, the owners carried out dressed cats on beautiful pillows or just on hands. The show organizers hope so again to draw public attention to the troubles of homeless animals. All the proceeds were transferred to the municipal fund, which helps cats with a difficult fate.

Video: Outbred cats – stars of the fashion show

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