Okhotnadzor came with a check to businessman from the Irkutsk region

Entrepreneur from the Irkutsk region Adil Huseynov 5 years ago took custody of three cubs. Now they live in the same cell and lure visitors to the cafe.

Residents of the village Shelekhova worried about the condition of animals and inspectors from Okhotnadzor and the veterinary service were called – supposedly for nobody watches bears, and the cafe near which they are located closed for repairs.

The main specialist in hunting supervision of the Irkutsk region Sergei Danilenko most worried about the free access to predators. They live within the boundaries of the housing estate, which is extremely unsafe for its inhabitants. In 2017, an incident with wards of Adila when a passerby man tried on his own feed the bears.

According to the owner of the clubfoot trinity, all his pets are Misha, Pasha and Masha are friendly creatures and will not harm anyone. He assures that his bears live in abundance and do not starve.

Be that as it may, but several obvious violations of the commission still presented to Adil. It turned out that the bears are missing veterinary books, and the living space of animals does not correspond required standards.

The entrepreneur promised that he would make the necessary documents and install a fence. Otherwise, he may be attracted to administrative responsibility.

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