Normal body temperature in dogs

To provide first aid to an animal, it’s important to know the exact body temperature of the pet. Normal body temperature in dogs varies from 38 to 39.2 degrees Celsius. If the temperature your pet does not meet this indicator, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Body temperature over 40 degrees – a sign of the urgent need for help.

How to measure a dog’s body temperature?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is that in no In this case, you should not try to measure the body temperature in the oral cavity. You run the risk of being bitten! Even if the dog allows it to do, then the measurement results will be far from the truth. Most an effective way to measure the body of an animal is rectal. For this you will need an electronic thermometer and special grease on water based. You can also use regular baby cream or вазелин.How to measure a dog’s body temperatureБольшинство собак, поunderstandable reasons, do not like to produce certain manipulations in the rectum. Therefore, it would be nice if you someone will help to make this procedure. Let your helper put your hand around the dog’s neck and place the other hand under the animal’s belly, thus embracing him. Raise the tail of the dog and slowly insert the greased thermometer into the dog’s rectum on depth about a centimeter. Press the start button on the thermometer and wait for the beep. Tips for measuring body temperature dog:

  • For faster measurement of the dog’s body, use the digital thermometer.
  • Thermometer is a mandatory attribute of any veterinary first-aid kits!
  • When using a mercury thermometer, be extremely careful make sure that the dog does not make sudden movements.
  • Avoid using glass thermometers, especially if you are a very active animal. It happens that thermometers burst and harm the pet.
  • Some dog breeders use ear thermometers. Them use is not prohibited, but the results of such a measurement approximate, so you can not be sure of accuracy set temperature.
  • A person is not able to assess the temperature of the body of the animal by touch. A warm or dry nose is also optional elevated temperature, and also does not indicate the presence or absence health problems is a myth.

Can’t measure your dog’s body temperature rectally?

If you are unable to measure the temperature rectally, then there is another, however, less effective way. Put the corresponding tip of the thermometer to the dog armpit and tight press while holding it until a beep sounds. Usually this measurement will take a little longer. You need to add to the results. one more degree. Keep in mind that such measurements are ineffective, and their results are very approximate. Therefore, do not stand on them to hope!

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