Nicknames for pit bulls: choose a name for pet

More recently, pit bulls were banned in many countries. of the world because of the excessive aggressiveness that they have with puppyhood developed for dog fights. Today the situation has changed radically and dogs of these breeds have established themselves as smart and friendly pets attacking only when absolutely necessary. Before to start a pit bull, you should consider choosing a nickname.


  • 1 Characteristics of the pit bull
  • 2 Nickname Ideas for Boys
  • 3 variants of nicknames for girls

Pit Bull Character Features


Pit bulls are faithful and moderately aggressive dogs with endless energy and activity. Despite the fact that the breed is considered fighting, these animals are pretty cute creatures capable of becoming loyal to their master companions. The harsh appearance of the dog is deceiving: on in fact, they are gentle and loving. With proper education and they get along well with all family members and others pets.

Pit bull terriers – owners of developed muscles and strong physique.

In the first week of dating it is very important to choose the right nickname to the pet, following his habits and identifying the main features character. Better if it is short and not consonant with names family members so as not to confuse the animal.

Nickname ideas for boys

pit bull puppy

The following nicknames for Pit Bull Boys sound proud and good. perceived by pets:

Archie, Arnold, Idaho, Alex, Biffy, Bruce, Brooke, Guy, Howard, Thunder, Hans, Henry, Griffid, Hermes, Dustin, Jazz, Diesel, Dick, Joe, Chris, Clyde, Casper, Leo, Nick, Nord, Oscar, Ozzy, Paul, Pablo, Rick, Rocky, Ripley, Star, Stick, Tom, Forex, Fox, Franz, Tsesay, Caesar, Chip, Charlie, Justin.

Nickname options for girls

Pit bull puppy

Lightweight and original girls fit pit bull terriers nicknames:

Avril, Isa, Alma, Bonnie, Bjork, Wicca, Greta, Dara, Dana, Jesse, Eve, Cessie, Catti, Christy, Lassie, Miley, Molly, Oprah, Ricci, Royu, Skye, Salma, Sandra, Suzy, Toffee, Teri, Thay, Flora, Helga, Hannah, Cherry, Elba, Utah, Yuzzy.

Choosing a nickname for your newly made pet, listen to your intuition and do not forget to look at the reaction of the dog: than the more she wags her tail, the more she likes the new name.

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