Neva Masquerade cat (photo): Original long-haired beauty

Neva Masquerade


Origin: Russia.

Class: Category II – semi-longhair according FIFe and WCF classifications

Color: force point, sometimes with white paws, which were borrowed from the Siberian breed.

Sizes: cats reach up to 8-10 kg, cats up to 6-7 kg.

Life expectancy: average 10 to 13 years old.

Understanding bright blue eyes, funny coloring of the face and a strong body – these are the main characteristics that many recognize Neva Masquerade Cat.


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  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Color
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

The breed Neva Masquerade is unusually similar to others big enough long-haired cats – Siberian. The first mention of them was back in 16th century, but in those days they were called a little differently – Bukhara. Everywhere they were distributed practically throughout the territory of Russia.

In Siberia, the appearance of these cats is still in question. At that the time of the settlement that lived there was more nomadic lifestyle and cats were far from being the animals that were kept nearby.

Neva Masquerade

This breed has a long coat, as in ancient times she needed to survive in the harsh climate of Siberia

Some experts believe that this breed was brought with them. merchants from Asian countries. It is also believed that Angora, Siberian and Persian The cat has common roots in Asia.

Long, dense hair has formed due to the cold climate. It is believed that the first individuals of the Neva masquerade cat were Siberian khans.


The photo of Neva Masquerade cats is truly impressive: a flexible body, long dense coat and bright blue eyes. However, for such a serious look hides a quivering creature that, like many other breeds, unusually loves the caress and care of his the hosts.

Neva Masquerade

This cat breed instantly understands the mood of the owner and able to easily calm him with a purr

Also, in addition to good nature, these cats possess enough balanced character, which makes them quite patient toys in the hands of young children.

At the same time, intuition and protective skills are also well developed in breed. To everyone who first comes into the house, Neva Masquerade the cat will be wary. Without much thought she will defend its territory.

Neva Masquerade

Looking at such a color, inevitably you begin to recall the old Soviet cartoon “Kitten named Woof.” Is such a cat can offend?

Important! Positive side of this breed is that at the genetic level in cats good behavior. Some incidents of misconduct or aggression may be identified only if the cat is not provided with minimum necessary conditions for life, or she was greatly offended.

Regarding communication with the owner and family members, it is worth noting that a Neva masquerade cat loves to communicate with people, right like fold cats and Scottish Straights.

At the same time, she likes to feel that they communicate with her on equal terms and consider a full member of the family. Of course, if she sees that the owner once, then it will not be imposed.

At the same time, the Neva Masquerade cat loves to “talk”, if necessary, she can reassure her master, support in difficult times.

If you come home from work upset, you can expect a cat will come to your aid with a melodic soothing purr and will quietly coo on her lap.


Fur coats for Neva masquerade cats can be enough varied. The most common option is force point, in which the wool on the body has a light shade, and here the tail, legs, muzzle and ears are darkened.

With constant care and proper nutrition of the cat, its coat will be only to please. Even periods of molting will not bring too much many worries.

Recently, the nurseries of the Neva Masquerade cat have become breeding shaded options. One more a common variation is the force point with white paws, which they inherited he is of Siberian breed.

An important point, in addition to coat color, is the color of the eyes. is he can be either expressive light blue, or more dark blue, sapphire.

How to choose a kitten

Kittens Neva masquerade, with a darkened face, ears and tail, very much reminiscent of a kitten named “Woof”. They are incredibly cute and funny creatures that will appeal to you. both to the adult owner and to young children.

However, despite the prevalence, when choosing it’s best to contact the cattery of a Neva Masquerade cat, and Also visit specialized cat shows.

Neva Masquerade

Kittens – these little pussies have from the very beginning rather magnificent coat and bright blue eyes

Important! When choosing in a nursery, be sure to look at the kitten’s parents. By observing their behavior, reactions to strangers, you can understand whether their character is balanced. Information about in which exhibitions the parents participated and what achievements they were.

When examining the kitten itself, you need to focus on the main parameters that the standard sets. We will talk about them below.

Neva Masquerade

When choosing a kitten, pay attention to the color: face, legs, ears and tail should be darker

In particular, the standard assumes the following parameters:

  • The body of the pet is strong by standard. Neck should be enough short and chest wide.
  • The limbs should be powerful, medium length. On the paws between tufts of wool are observed with fingers.
  • The ears are slightly inclined forward. Medium-sized form, with rounded top.
  • Eyes usually wide-set, large enough size.
  • The coat is dense, has a double undercoat. There is a neck “collar”, and on the hind legs – “panties”.
  • Color should not be in chocolate or purple.

Neva Masquerade

Little fidgets resemble small soft balls of wool

It is better to take kittens at the age of 12 weeks or more, otherwise when separated from their mother, they may experience strong stress.

You can learn about how to determine the age of a kitten from articleshttps: //

Care Features

Any pet without proper attention and minimum care measures in soon it will wither away. To prevent this from happening and to that your neva masquerade looked 100% recommended observe the rules in combing, walking and eating.


Neva Masquerade has a fairly long coat, care for which is required. In addition to constant combing, it is necessary make sure that the pet has a good balanced food. Otherwise, his coat will molt and cause inconvenience when cleaning the apartment.

Neva Masquerade

It is considered standard if the Neva Masquerade has a medium or long hair

During molting, be sure to comb your pet Furminator for long-haired cat breeds. Haircuts of this breed are not carried out.

It is also worth noting that some cats do not really like it combing. In this case, the best assistant will be soft rukovichka, which first needs to be slightly moistened.

With a wet hand you need to run along the cat’s body, so you and stroke it, and remove excess wool, which cannot but like a pet.

Cats do not like to swim very much, but this procedure does not need in frequent holding. It is enough to buy a kitten before the show. This will make the wool more voluminous and beautiful. Better for swimming just choose specialized tools for long-haired cats.

If you want to know why cats are afraid of water, we recommend read articlehttps: //

Important! If your pet is not visits the exhibition, 3-4 bathing intervals will be sufficient once in 12 months.

Shedding occurs twice a year. Therefore, if nutrition is normal, then cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture from wool will not take much time and deliver a large number of problems.


Neva Masquerade cat will be happy to walk. After all, there are several wild species in the roots. If you live in private house, then she will be happy to walk around the yard. If in the apartment, there is quite a balcony.


In general, there are no special problems with feeding a pet of this breed observed. If you can cook yourself (at the same time, do not forget that you need to observe a balanced food), then the cat can be fed with cereals and other dishes (but not what the owners eat).

You can’t add salt to food, give the animal smoked and raw fish.

If there is no time to prepare healthy food for your pet, you can resort to balanced feed. You should choose feed premium or holistic classes.


At the genetic level, the health of these cats is more than good. They are not afraid of either frost or heat and are not subject to any specific genetic diseases.

Characteristic diseases

As we mentioned above, the genetics of this cat are very positive. Experts note that this breed is different good health and longevity.

However, there are exceptions when a cat can get sick typical cat ailments:

  • cough,
  • cystitis,
  • digestive upset.


The first vaccination of a kitten is done in the period from 9 up to 12 weeks. Usually it is comprehensive and will protect your pet from such ailments as:

  • rhinotracheitis,
  • calicivirosis,
  • chlamydia
  • plague.

You can read more about cat plague here: https: //

One month after the vaccine was given, re-vaccination is necessary. If you take your pet in cattery of neva masquerade cats, then usually the first vaccination made by the breeder, and then by the owner of the animal.

Important! Prerequisite is deworming. It should be carried out in a week and a half. before vaccination.

Also, along with re-vaccination of the first complex vaccinations, you can get an injection from rabies.

The next revaccination is carried out when the kitten reaches one of the year. Further – annually.


A distinctive feature of this breed is that the reproductive age of these cats is somewhat faster than other breeds. This is due to the fact that the breed has in its past experience living in a natural wild environment.

Wild cats have a much harder life than wild cats. domestic, their death also occurs much earlier. That’s why maturity is observed at an earlier age.

In some cases, cats are ready for mating from 5-6 months. But, mating is recommended to reduce kittens’ mortality not earlier than a cat reaches one and a half years.

Neva Masquerade

Females can reach their maturity early enough. IN in some cases they are ready for knitting as early as 6 months

Important! If you are the boss of a young cat, for the first mating it is best to choose a cat that is no longer once was tied up. Accordingly, for a young cat is best An experienced cat will do. The first mating is best done not earlier, than in one year.

Knitting is usually carried out on the territory of the cat. The cat is brought the owners watch her for a while, and then leave her a few days. If a cat becomes pregnant, then she will need more attention and affection, therefore not recommended after this to plan long trips.

The average pregnancy is 9 weeks. After childbirth do not worry, because Neva masquerade cats are excellent parents and will tirelessly take care of their offspring.

Neva Masquerade cat is a great friend of the family: reliable, quivering and gentle. She will communicate well not only with the owner, but also with the rest of the family. Cat health strong enough, and compared with other representatives feline, they live a long time.

Neva Masquerade Cat: Original Longhair beauty

Neva Masquerade cat has an interesting color, enough large sizes, good health and a long period of life.

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