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Dry feed – an option for owners who want at a minimum free time to provide your pet with everything you need. IN in most cases when it comes to premium products and super-premium class, then popular foreign brands are mentioned. But what do domestic companies offer in this segment? Not this way long ago, feeds with the name “Our Brand” appeared on the market, which positioned as high quality products. However around to disputes still do not subside whether the feed “Our brand” for dogs meets the requirements. Customer feedback is important, breeders and veterinarians.


  • 1. Manufacturer Details
  • 2. The range of rations of this brand
    • 2.1. Adult Nutrition
    • 2.2. Puppy food
    • 2.3. Specialized rations
    • 2.4. Canned food
  • 3. Composition: proteins, proteins, fats, extra Components
  • 4. Advantages and disadvantages of feed Our brand
  • 5. Customer reviews and expert opinion
  • 6. The cost of feed Our brand

Manufacturer Details

The Russian brand Our Brand, produced by the Gatchinsky plant, quite young, but already managed to occupy a certain niche among products intended for the nutrition of four-legged friends. The manufacturer offers various menus for both dogs and cats, and emphasizes that their feed contains exclusively natural ingredients. The granules contain a small amount fat, so dogs don’t gain excess weight, and most components well absorbed by the animal. Our Brand for dogs read the article

Specialists of the plant are engaged in the development of feed for various pets, they are serious about creating formulas, constantly improving the composition and including beneficial ingredients. therefore “Our brand” is not just dry granules, but complete, balanced diet.

The company has quality control, in addition, products have all the required certificates and meet the standards international class. Foods of this brand are not recognized as safe only for pets, but also for their owners. Also attention is paid to product packaging – foil bags layer provide long-term preservation of granules without loss quality.

Initially, this premium food was produced in several species, however, there was a gradual expansion of the assortment, and today, customers have a choice – they can acquire exactly that the diet that best suits their pet, even if the dog Needs special or hypoallergenic nutrition. Also among rations have special food for puppies.

Range of rations of this brand

Recipes are based on the calculations of specialists, Various animal needs are accepted:

  • dependence on age;
  • the presence or absence of allergies;
  • pet sizes and other factors.

Growing babies require more high-calorie food than elderly, and in the feed “Our brand” such requirements are taken into account. In addition, these feeds are complete diets, therefore owners will not need to additionally feed the dog and give vitamin supplements.

The following diets are distinguished: for adults and puppies, specialized and in the form of canned food.

Adult Nutrition

Feed for adult pets is represented by such types:

  1. “Chicken with vegetables” – suitable for feeding representatives of medium breeds. Contains meat of young chickens, which is an easily digestible protein, satisfies hunger well, but not provokes fat deposition. The composition also includes a certain the amount of linoleic acid that provides the beauty of the coat cover, calcium – which is the key to strong bones and vitamins – the dog retains its vigor.
  2. “Chicken” – a menu for dogs that differ large sizes. Its ingredients meet a number of needs – the dog satisfies hunger, but at the same time does not gain extra pounds. Yet one plus – the daily serving size is accurately calculated.
  3. Diet with salmon and rice – a universal type, which is suitable for feeding dogs of any size and breed. The basis of feed is salmon rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and in addition, it has a lot of antioxidants, extending the youth of four-legged friends. As part of a little more calcium than in other formulations, and its granules possess salty taste, so the pet will need more water.

Puppy food

Toddlers need special care, attention and special nutrition, different from adult rations. In the range of feed “Our brand “there is a menu for puppies with chicken and rice with increased the content of calcium, vitamin and mineral components, calculated for a certain weight of puppies. In addition, the composition includes glucosamine – an important substance that is necessary for proper formation of articular tissues.

Specialized rations

As veterinary practice shows, many dogs are allergy sufferers, and often this becomes a necessary reason for their translation from natural products or familiar manufacturing feed for specialized hypoallergenic diets. Most manufacturing companies takes into account similar features, releasing special menus. Dog food

Our dogs offer a product with lamb, which does not cause an allergic reaction, and in addition, saturates the body with useful acids and minerals. also in the assortment of this brand there is another special diet, which contains hypoallergenic products and is intended for dogs old age.

Menu with chicken and rice is suitable for pets who crossed The 7-year threshold, as it includes three important components, supporting a worn out body – zinc, biotin and calcium. They are protect your pet from obesity and urinary problems system.

Canned food

The manufacturer also offers canned rations packed in spider bags. There are two tastes for adult dogs – beef with sauce and lamb with sauce, meat products is about 20%. Puppies are offered canned food with rabbit and lamb.

The range also includes pastes with original flavors: “Duck liver and buckwheat”, “Lamb heart and carrots”, “Rice with beef liver. “Dogs like this treat very much. you can sometimes pamper your four-legged comrades.

Ingredients: proteins, proteins, fats, additional components

No matter how the manufacturer praises its own products, indicating to all its positive aspects, to owners, dog breeders and veterinarians, first of all, I would like to know that included in its composition. Accordingly, the higher the class of rations, the more demands are placed on their quality.

The feed composition “Our brand” does not differ in multicomponent, but the plant’s specialists claim that such a quantity enough ingredients to provide the dog with everything you need elements. Moreover, not all dog breeders have the opportunity feed your pets rations with holistic and super premium class, looking for more budget options.

In addition, the feed of this brand can be used as part of mixed nutrition when dry granules are only an additional source of nutrients. Our Brand for Dogs Composition

To understand what the feed consists of Our brand is worth analyze the composition in more detail, for example, the diet “Salmon and rice “:

  1. Proteins – 18%. Sources of the animal component The following products are presented: poultry flour, which is prepared from processed bird carcasses, fish and products remaining at recyclable, dehydrated liver. Unfortunately, specialists I would like to learn more about products than what indicates the manufacturer, and another nuance – these ingredients start from the second point, after rice and cereals.
  2. Proteins The composition includes corn and rice, containing a large number of plant proteins. Besides, in in combination with wheat, they provide the animal with a healthy body fiber that improves digestive processes.
  3. Fats – 10%. Their amount in the diet lowered, the animal component is found in fish, the vegetable component – in sunflower oil.
  4. Additional components. 6th place in beet pulp is a product that remains after processing this vegetable – its fiber is highly appreciated. Besides in addition, there are vitamin and mineral supplements in the feed and antioxidants.

Calorie intake is 334 per 100 grams product.

Advantages and disadvantages of feed Our brand

Around the domestic rations, disputes still do not subside, experts note that they have a number of shortcomings, however, and benefits are available.

Product Advantages:

  • low cost compared to other premium feeds class
  • wide distribution of products of this brand – purchase Can be found in most feed stores for animals;
  • The formula of diets is enriched with vitamins and minerals;
  • the food has a pleasant smell;
  • no GMO products and artificial additives – colorants, flavors, flavor enhancers and other;
  • the diet is nutritious enough, and the pet does not need extra food;
  • in the menu for elderly animals the amount of phosphorus is reduced, which important for maintaining urinary tract function.

Not all manufacturers comply with all the rules, and some still sin, making food more attractive to dogs, adding harmful additives to it. But this does not apply to the product “Our mark”.

Product Cons:

  • there is practically no real meat in the feed, it replaces meat flour, as well as offal and processed products are makes its attitude to the premium class controversial;
  • the basis of the diet is cereals, not meat;
  • the diet includes few components, that is, it is not included vegetables, fruits and other healthy products and substances;
  • feed pellets are compacted, so sometimes puppies and old dogs it must be pre-soaked.

According to experts, domestic rations are somewhat inferior premium foreign products, however, based on the composition and prices are superior to most economical feeds.

Customer reviews and expert opinion

Buyers do not praise the feed too much Our brand, specialists also sales of this product are reserved, however, are constantly increasing.

Alena, Yekaterinburg: “Information for manufacturers – it is worth providing the packaging with a convenient fastener, which is available products of other brands. I began to buy our brand, as others popular rations of the average price did not fit the dog, but expensive feed we can not afford. The dog began to eat without much enthusiasm, but soon used, granules tan, smell not pleasant you name it. But most importantly, health problems do not arise, the dog goes to the toilet on schedule, the hair shines, there is no excess weight. In addition, despite the imperfect composition, I did not find in it nothing harmful, such as esh and other additives. ”

Daria, St. Petersburg: “Recently at home a new pet appeared – a puppy whose mother is a German shepherd, and dad is unknown. Since we didn’t keep dogs before, difficulties with the selection of the diet. We started to feed porridge with meat, but a friend advised giving ready-made vitamin supplements rations. On trial bought a bag of “Our brand” for puppies, and he the kid liked it. We use it as a promotion during training, and also when there is no time to cook something the dog. No complaints about this product from us and ours. no big thing, we recommend. ”

Veterinarians are not so straightforward, and most of them advise when feeding the dog with rations “Our brand” add to the menu pet food rich in animal protein – meat, fish, eggs.

Victor, veterinarian: “I believe that feed is Our brand refers more to budget products than to premium. However, its composition is not so bad, it has high humidity and nice smell. But I do not recommend giving it to dogs suffering allergies, since wheat can provoke it. Also he is not the best option for working animals in need high protein foods. ”

The cost of feed Our brand

An affordable price tag is one of the positive things providing high sales and wide the prevalence of this product.

  • 500 g of feed costs from 65 to 75 rubles;
  • A 3 kg package will cost from 320 to 470 rubles;
  • A 15 kg bag of dry granules costs a strand of 1500-2100 rubles.

As can be seen from the above, domestic rations “Our brand” unable to compete with the highest quality feed. However, due to the natural composition and reasonable price, they are more affordable, healthier and more nutritious than many diets related to advertised brands.

Each owner himself believes that it is better for his pet, and if in doubt, you can always get professional advice – experienced breeder or veterinarian.

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