More than 150 cats rescued from a “concentration camp” in a private at home

A resident of Karachay-Cherkessia rented a private house to keep in terrifying conditions, dozens of stray cats.

Staying on the street, homeless animals had at least some the opportunity to find food. But in his house “benefactors” many of them died from hunger and disease. Animal rights activists claim that up to 200 were in the house at a time animals.

When law enforcement officers finally responded to neighbors’ complaints and evicted the tenant, on the territory of the rented house counted more than 150 miserable strollers, adults and kittens. They were all exhausted and eagerly pounced on food. Rescued them public organization “Right to life”.

Kitten at the vet

The owners of the private house went to meet the zoodefenders and allowed to leave cats here until their fate is determined. Animals to be fed, cured, vaccinated and to sterilize. Only after that it will be possible to search poor fellow new owners.

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