Monkey Seduction Benefit

Mountain gorillas of males found a way to achieve faster the location of the females.

Experts studying the behavior of mountain gorillas have come to a very an interesting conclusion. Having offspring is faster at those males who care about cubs or at least show restraint and tolerance towards them.

Male gorillas with paternal feelings managed to create offspring are 5 times more likely than apes indifferent to this matter. Research results were published in Scientific Reports.

Mountain Gorilla with a Cub

Currently limited habitat for mountain gorillas is a protected area. And this is Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. The subspecies is on the verge of extinction: according to data for 2012 there were less than a thousand individuals.

Therefore, in order to preserve the species in East African Rwanda conducted their census. And for tourists introduced double tariffs on taking photographs. Now for the opportunity to shoot gorillas in The national park will have to pay 1.5 thousand dollars.

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