Molossoids – Who They Are: A Dog Breed Overview

Of all the variety of dog breeds, molossians attract Special attention. These dogs are respected at first sight – and not only with its dimensions.


  • 1 History of Molossians
  • 2 General Features
    • 2.1 Appearance
    • 2.2 Intelligence
    • 2.3 Health
      • 2.3.1 Table: Pros and Cons of Molosses
  • 3 Species of Molossian dog breeds
    • 3.1 Great Dane
    • 3.2 Saint Bernard
    • 3.3 Cane Corso
    • 3.4 Mastiffs
    • 3.5 Caucasian Shepherd Dog
    • 3.6 Rottweiler
    • 3.7 Dogue of Bordeaux
    • 3.8 Newfoundland
    • 3.9 German boxer
    • 3.10 English Bulldog
    • 3.11 Video: Molossoid dogs are special dogs

Molossian History

Molossoid dogs are rightfully considered to be one of the oldest dogs on the planet. Long before the beginning of our era, they lived at Assyrians, Sumerians and Phoenicians, whence, according to the stable version, came to the ancient Romans and gained great popularity here. Gigantic dogs were used for spectacular bloody battles, guards, hard work.

Ancient Molossus figurine

This ancient figurine (Mesopotamia, II millennium BC) accurately conveys the outlines of the moloss, although her paws and beat off

Already in those ancient times, the national selection of various Molossian breeds – people selected dogs for their specific needs and bred them. Subsequently the story of any of molossoid rocks was not easy to develop, knew its ups and fall. Many of them have repeatedly been threatened by complete disappearances – only in the last century did this happen twice, after The First and Second World Wars.

General Features

The ancient, terrifying giant dogs became the ancestors of many modern breeds, including quite miniature ones. But even in a small pug or a funny Frenchman is clearly visible signs of their great ancestors.


Breeds of Molossian dogs have common, distinctive for the whole group exterior features:

  • impressive dimensions;
  • hanging ears;
  • sagging skin
  • powerful jaws;
  • massive head;
  • strong skeleton;
  • tired wise look.

Molosses bathes

One moloss skin would have been enough for two or three dogs


Molossians are very smart, and they seem to be talking about it. they know. These dogs do not rush to fulfill the command, but prefer to think it over well, then to accept the only right decision. For this reason, they may find a common the language is far from every trainer, but the one who is respected in fact, they will learn and work well.

Rottweiler on training

Already scary – and he hasn’t bitten anyone yet


But with health, these wonderful dogs are not lucky. Large breeds are very difficult to grow, however, and smaller ones have problems with paws, with the formation of bone and cartilage, joint pathology, the most common and serious of which is dysplasia.

Dogs with a short muzzle have difficulty breathing, and subsequently with the cardiovascular system. Often occur digestive disorders, molosses are also susceptible to such a dangerous pathology, like a stomach twist.

Moloss puppy

Every moloss is a godsend for a veterinarian

Table: Pros and Cons of Molosses

Advantages of Molossians The disadvantages of molosses
  • spectacular appearance;
  • high intelligence;
  • outstanding protective qualities;
  • devotion to the owner and his family
  • health problems;
  • short life span;
  • difficulties in training;
  • difficult cultivation

Girl and Molossian

Giant dogs for children show touching tenderness

Varieties of breeds of Molossian dogs

Molosoid type includes many dog breeds – with significant similarities of exterior and character they are very varied. And a small touching pug, and a sports boxer, and giant mastiff – there is someone to choose from.

Masif and Pug

They are both Molossians – both a huge mastiff and a baby pug

German dog

Noble and majestic giants – Great Dane – performed self-esteem and will take revenge on anyone who dare to encroach on him. In the family, the dogs add up tender relations, especially with children.

German dog

Great Dane – this breed was the favorite of the great Alexander the Great

Saint bernard

Handsome St. Bernard – lifeguard in its main destination, but his character is far from being so soft and fluffy like appearance. These dogs are temperaments, touchy, love and know how to fight.


St. Bernard was named after the monastery of St. Bernard in Alps

Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a reliable defender of your family, fearless, smart and loyal. But raising such a dog will have systematically engage her whole life, starting with an early puppy age.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso dog – one of the oldest representatives of the group molossians


The subgroup includes several breeds of mastiffs: Neapolitan, Tibetan, English and others. Stand out huge sizes, independent, but devoted character and, to Unfortunately, short life expectancy.

Tibetan mastiff with a puppy

Mastiffs can be both the best defenders and guards, and dangerous fanged monsters

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs – territorial guard dogs, great shepherds. They are used to taking and implement important decisions, so learning can arise Problems.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can be great protectors and not at all afraid of frost


Rottweiler – one of the most striking and effective office rocks. But it is very desirable that such dogs turn out to be only in experienced hands.


Rottweiler – great service and just really spectacular dog

Dogue de bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux – also a mastiff, but French origin. Bully, cunning and glutton, but in general incredibly charming – you just want to call him Porthos.


Dogue de Bordeaux is, first and foremost, strength, power and enormous frightening sizes


Newfoundland, which we often call a diver – specializes in rescue on the waters. Great swim and has special quality water-repellent wool. Character – Nordic, by no means “mimic”.


Newfoundlands have a calm and curious character, easy to learn

German boxer

The German boxer is a dog of medium (as for moloss) sizes and tight, athletic build. Temperamental, smart well trained, a little stubborn – but that’s not his spoils.

German boxer

The German boxer is a special breed, distinguished by a square format and muscular body

English bulldog

This short-legged big guy and laziness can manifest excellent qualities of a watchman and bodyguard, and not just companion. Keeping English bulldogs is easy and a city apartment is quite suitable for them – the main thing is that it it was too hot.

English bulldog

English Bulldog – a good watchman and companion dog

Video: Molossoid dogs – special dogs

Getting any molossoid breeds, you need to weigh its advantages and cons, soberly assess your capabilities: can you handle it? Moloss – this is a big, but very difficult happiness in your home.

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