Military Landing: A Parrot Marching Over the floor

Parrots are cute and smart birds that can entertain the owner tricks or talking. But some of them open completely unexpected talents.

A video of a marching parrot from Japan appeared on YouTube in August 2016 It quickly gained a huge amount views and became viral – everyone liked the brave bird with military dressing. There are two versions of the video – full and cropped. IN the original parrot at first behaves rather strangely – lies on the back, pecks the floor. Apparently, he just does not know what to do. But then the bird cheered up and decided to march. The parrot started stomp around the room, raising his legs high.

Video: a parrot stomping on the floor (full version)

It really looks like a combatant move. Perhaps feathered daydreaming about a military career. Although network users have other explanations.

When I ordered pizza and you are waiting for the courier.

Tanya Mills

www. / embed / nr3W5jGSs8o

He sat in a cage on a perch, and therefore does gymnastics, stretched lying, legs extended, then jogging.

Alexandra Patrueva

www. youtube. com / embed / nr3W5jGSs8https8о

This parrot mimics the owner who comes in the door and it’s important walks around the apartment. He first looked under the door: “Master, where are you? Netuti? Well then, I’m for him … ”


In the cropped version of the video, only the march of the parrot is shown.

Video: Parrot marching (cropped version)

By the way, the bird is a red-headed species. caique. By nature, they are very active birds, therefore not surprisingly, the budgie has nowhere to put energy.

red-headed white-bellied parrot

Another name for the red-headed caique is the red-headed belly-bellied a parrot

If there is a clatter above your head, do not rush to blame the neighbors – perhaps this is marching their parrot. And what may surprise your pets? Share fun observations in the comments!

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