Milbemax for cats

Probably there is not a single cat owner who would not come across with the problem of infection with helminthiasis. Even domestic animals, to Unfortunately, susceptible to this disease. Eating contaminated river fish, absorption of milk from the mother of the worms, communication with sick individual – and now a healthy pet picks up eggs helminths. Parasites feed on cat’s blood and tissues, gradually leading her body to intoxication and exhaustion, and sometimes unhappy the animal is even dying! To protect the domestic cat and himself themselves (worms are dangerous to humans), the owner should periodically to deworm the animal, and even for prevention. Today we will talk about the drug “Milbemax” for cats that have been helping kittens and adults for almost 10 years individuals from helminths. This is a French product, delivered to our country LLC Novartis Consumer Health.

What is Milbemax and when is it used?

Milbemax – tablets for deworming of cats and kittens, produced in 2 pieces in a blister placed in a cardboard box. Tablets for kittens and young lightweight (no more than 2 kg) individuals pink with engraved letters “BC” and “NA” (on the box fluffy kitten is shown), for adult cats – red with engraved with “KK” and “NA” (on the box there is a photo of an important red cat). Instructions for use Milbemaksa states that tablets have привлекательным для кошек вкусом говядины.Milbemax for catsFROM остав “Мильбемакса” включаетactive ingredients of praziquantel (helps fight cestodoses and trematodoses) and milbemycin oxime (against nematodoses and cestodoses). Pills help fight both larvae of worms, and with sexually mature parasites. Consider more helminths that can be destroyed with drug:

  • Cestodes – tapeworms affecting the intestines and mucous membranes of a cat. The largest representatives of worms can reach a length of up to 150 cm. In a cat with cestodosis, they may be vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite, blockage intestines;
  • Nematodes are roundworms parasitizing in the liver, intestines, digestive organs. Cats with nematodosis suffer from bloody vomiting and diarrhea, often animals refuse food and cough;
  • Trematodes – flukes affecting the lungs, liver, gall bladder, cat pancreas. In an animal suffering from such parasites, a disorder may be observed stool, vomiting, fever, severe cough.

Features of the drug Milbemax

In order not only to save the pet from blood-sucking worms, but also Do not harm him, you should read the instructions, where in detail It is indicated how to give Milbemax to a cat. So, manufacturer warns:

  1. Milbemax – a medicine for kittens aged six weeks, whose weight is at least 500 g. At the same time in babies (older than 6 weeks and half a kilogram heavier) after taking the tablets, they can sometimes observed apathy, upset stool, tremor;
  2. An overdose of the drug is fraught with the onset of cat lethargy, muscle paresis, tremor. If these alarming symptoms persist in during the day, you should contact your veterinarian;
  3. To deworm a pregnant or lactating cat, should consult a veterinarian;
  4. Milbemax is contraindicated for animals with disabilities liver and kidney;
  5. Tablets should not be given to emaciated and sick (recently sick) infectious ailments to cats;
  6. Before deworming with Milbemax, the animal should not be fasting or cleansing the intestines with laxatives;
  7. The shelf life of the drug is 36 months (at a temperature from 5 to 25 degrees) provided that the packaging has not undergone showdown. If only half the pill is used for a cat, the second part should be used within six months;
  8. Milbemax (like another anthelmintic) is given to cats when fleas will be bred. These parasites are intermediate owners of worm eggs. And if treatment from ectoparasites is not to produce, then deworming will go down the drain.

How to take Milbemax for cats?

Milbemax cat worm tablets are used in the following dosage: Kittens and small cats (pink tablets):

  • 0.5 kg to 1 kg – 0.5 tablets
  • 1 kg to 2 kg – 1 tablet

Adult cats (red pills):

  • 2 kg to 4 kg – 0.5 tablets
  • 4 kg to 8 kg – 1 tablet
  • From 8 kg 12 kg – 1.5 tablets

A pill is usually given during morning feeding, mixed with food that the animal likes. When the pet is too finicky, it’s permissible to put the pill on the root of the tongue, making sure that it is not spat out. With the aim of Milbemax prophylaxis is given to cats every three months (once per quarter), as well as before taking vaccines and before mating. Сtherapeutic purpose, the drug is given to the cat after consultation with specialist depending on the symptoms of the disease and condition animal.

Milbemax reviews

It is perfectly reasonable that cat owners are interested in reviews veterinarians about anthelmintic drug. It should be noted that in the vast majority of Milbemax is praised by veterinarians, but sometimes there are complaints: cats have side effects; pets refuse to swallow a pill; the medicine is inactive. On the web there there are even a lot of stories that cats died after taking the pill. On in fact, today you can easily come across low-quality a fake of an expensive imported drug, while the shadow falls on manufacturer, and on the original drug. What to do? Buy pills at proven pet stores, feel free to ask seller’s certificate for deworming. Also nice to draw attention to storage conditions of tablets and shelf life, especially if Milbemax is acquired individually. Relative to reviews owners of cats, opinions about the drug were divided. Although good reviews are still in the majority. Among its minuses are called high price, form of drug release (many cats refuse to swallow pill), a large number of fakes. By the way, the price per package (2 tablets) Milbemax for adult cats ranges 450-600 rubles, for kittens – from 300 to 450 rubles. Are below some of the responses about this remedy against worms in cats: Review No. 1: “Always a cat of its drop from worms bought. But once again they were not in the pharmacy, I had to Milbemax purchase. I was pleased with the result, although the price “bites” on tablets: almost 300 rubles for one. But my Shurka I tolerated the drug well, swallowed with dry food. There was no side effect … “; Review No. 2:” “Milbemax” – the only ones anthelmintics that Barsik did not have to give with a fight – himself ate, and even requested supplements. I was glad that the tablets themselves small, smell of meat. The cat after giving the medicine felt ok, it was only a little sadder than usual. And so I’m happy: and his hands were left without scratches, and the cat without worms … “; Review No. 3: “Out of ignorance, she gave Milbemax to a very small kitten (2 more months he was not). Yes, and on a full stomach. There was an upset stomach (diarrhea), the kitten did not eat anything. I called the vet I scolded that I did not read the instructions for the use of Milbemax. BUT my adult cat tolerated the drug well. I think that myself to blame, because the manufacturers indicated in detail how to give the pill, when…”.

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