Meet these are my children: a good video

A touching video about the trusting friendship of “sworn enemies” – cats and dogs – rapidly gaining popularity in the internet.

Every mother wants to brag about her children. That’s young black kitty, taking a couple of fluffy babies to the yard, not resisted: she praised them to her friend – the red owner’s dog. The reaction of the yard dog is amazing.

For starters, mother introduced her son to her aunt’s dog – nimble and bold black and white kitten. A little later, making sure that nothing scary is definitely happening, pulled herself up and pretty little daughter – gray in a strip. The dog lay on the ground and carefully, so as not to harm the crumbs, I began to play with them with an obvious pleasure: poke your nose, touch your paws.

Kittens also frolic for a minute, then they got bored with it, and they fled on urgent matters. The cat who has been sitting modestly all this time aside, I immediately remembered my childhood and she began to have fun playing with girlfriend.

The number of views of this cute video has already exceeded ten million – join you too.

Video: well, and how are they – really cool?

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