Marmots fought on a cliff: video

Two groundhogs staged fights without rules, figuring out who is the master of the earth. A fight of animals was filmed by a passing tourist.

Showdown animals took place in Glacier National Park, USA. An eyewitness who photographed the event stopped at the pass to relax and have a bite. Suddenly near the cliff groundhogs appeared started the battle. They tried to knock each other down, but for a long time time was only possible to bite and beat the enemy with paws. However even after one of the rivals was knocked down to the ground, the fight does not is over. Beasts tirelessly continued to sort things out.

The struggle for territory is one of the main causes of animal fights, most likely these marmots too. Although web users have decided that the movements of the animals resemble the mating dance of a male and a female.

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