Manatee’s kiss: a touching video

Amazing shots managed to be filmed on a resident of the state of Florida (USA). Netizens in amazement watch the tender a meeting of the inhabitants of two elements – dogs and manatee.

A man rode a boat with his pet – a bulldog in nicknamed Izi. It was a wonderful day: it was completely calm, and the sun was freezing over the gulf of mexico. Suddenly from the depths of the ocean surfaced manatee.

Impressive dimensions and awesome appearance are combined in manatee with the best inquisitive nature. Unfortunately in the USA this species of animals, also called sirens, is recognized endangered.

Bulldog looks at manatee

A charming monster surfaced with interest stared at the bulldog, and Izi bent over the surface of the water: he had never seen anything like it in his life. A few seconds, two funny faces looked at each other friend, and then … kissed. It was probably love at first sight.

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