Lucky accident in 11 years returned Tiger mistress

The cat, lost eleven years ago, returned to the mistress. Human kindness, indifference and ordinary helped him. miracle.

Miracles happen. Tabby cat named Tiger up three years old lived with his masters and was completely happy. But one day someone left the front door unlocked, and a young cat ran away in the street in search of love, and the road I managed to find it back far from immediately.

Tiger Mistress Maggie Wells recalls how long she and her husband They were looking for the missing pet, but all was unsuccessful. A year has passed and the family moved to a new apartment – in the same New York, but a little north. Meanwhile, the Tiger lived on the street, but did not stop search for your favorite people. He persistently came to the courtyard, where they once lived, but no one was waiting for him there.

Cat Tiger

Cat was very lucky: Carol O’Connell lived next door, employee of a shelter for homeless animals. Professional look she noticed a lonely minke whale and realized that it wasn’t easy tramp. The woman’s assumptions were confirmed when an elderly cat they took him to a shelter and found that he had a chip. Now find lost owners was only a matter of technology. Rest of his days tiger will spend in a loving family.

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