Lost a cat or a dog?

If you have lost a cat or a dog, then do not despair, you have there is a chance to find an animal. The faster you start the search, the more you have a chance to find a pet. Consider the 20 main recommendations for finding a lost animal.

General recommendations if the animal is lost:

  • Make flyers about the missing animal. Be sure to post to They have a photo of the animal and your phone number. If you can’t accept call on the phone number indicated in the leaflet – install an answering machine! You can also specify the phone number of a person who is constantly will be in touch. This will help not to miss a single messages!
  • Paste leaflets in the area where the animal was lost. A missing listing should be colorful and attract attention. IN otherwise, it may go unnoticed. Such leaflets must be done on quality, thick paper!
  • Go around all local animal shelters. And they need visit daily, because the animal can go to the shelter in any moment! Leave there the photo of the missing animal and the number phone. Ask to call you for admission to a shelter a similar animal.
  • Call all veterinary clinics. Maybe someone found your pet is in poor condition and taken to the doctor!
  • Advertise for missing local newspapers. Specify exactly date, time and place of loss. Describe the animal in detail, attach his photo. The more media will be involved – the better!
  • Check local newspapers daily, especially the section on things or animals found (if any). Maybe your they found the pet and reported it through the press.
  • If you think your pet has been stolen, be sure to file the appropriate application with law enforcement. Some law enforcement officers are not particularly willing to accept such statements, but you must insist on it! This is your complete right!
  • Advertise for missing social networks! Send it to all your friends and ask them to distribute it. You can also use various local animal forums. More people will know about missing – the more chances you have to find an animal! 9. Connect to finding your best friends. Let them also help comb the whole area where the animal was lost.

What to do if a cat is lost?

What to do if a cat is lost

  • Cats try not to go far from home, especially when it comes to talking about domestic cats. As a rule, they leave their home 2-3 km maximum. Although, if the animal is neutered, then it can wander further. That’s why it’s important to start your search immediately, without putting it off for tomorrow!
  • Check all yards within a 3 km radius of your home. Ask locals if they have not seen your pet. It will be useful to check the cellars of high-rise buildings.
  • It is best to search late in the evening or early in the morning. IN this time the animal is hungry and will respond better.
  • During the search, you can make your favorite animal sounds, to For example, the sound of rustling your favorite food in a pack. Be very vigilant, perhaps the pet is trapped and cannot run to you. In addition, if the animal is afraid, then it’s voice may not file!
  • 14. Do not forget to check every corner of your home. Animal can get into the chamber or basement and lie there!
  • Put your personal items on the street, as well as your favorite things your pet. Their smell can guide the cat, and this will help find the way home.
  • Take your cat’s food out daily. Maybe, when hungry, the animal will come home by the smell of food.

What to do if a dog is lost?

What if the dog is lost?

  • Dogs can go far enough from home. First for several days the dog can be in a radius of five kilometers from at home, within a few weeks the search radius may increase to 100 km As with cats, each dog is important in finding a dog. minute!
  • If you notice your dog, do not try to chase after it. Lure her to yourself with a treat or favorite item.
  • Search the entire area! Use your favorite toys when searching your dog (tweeters, for example). It will not be superfluous to search a friend of your dog who can bark with his bark!
  • Some people can seize the opportunity and cash in on you, especially if you promised a reward! Never give your address in the declaration of loss! Under no circumstances give the reward before you give the animal! Also not transfer money to anyone! Only when the dog was returned to you, you you can thank the finder.

The most important thing in any search is not to despair! Save calm and composure, do all of the above recommendations – this will help to find your pet.

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