Loch Ness Monster may turn out to be eel: scientists opinion

Scientists decided to solve the mystery of the Loch Ness monster. For this they studied the DNA contained in Loch Ness.

Last year, researchers collected water samples at various the depths. Then they carefully studied the DNA fragments of living things, contained in samples. As expected, traces were found the presence of many animals in the reservoir. However nobody like on a monster, not among them. In particular, there is no gene material of dinosaurs, sharks and catfish.

But the researchers still expected a surprise – in all samples water found a huge amount of eel DNA. Since, by observations of local residents, there are not so many of these animals in the lake, fact may be evidence of a giant dwelling in Loch Ness fish. Perhaps it was she who gained the glory of Loch Ness monsters.

Great eel

Unlike sea eels, river eels do not grow more than 2 meters in length, but mutations are possible in any animal

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