Leopard met with lions: unexpected video decoupling

Sometimes the best tactic is to surrender to the grace of the enemy. At least least in the animal world. A confirmation of this is the behavior of the leopard in meeting with the lions.

The king of animals has no competitors in the wild and holds in fear of even other large feline ones. Very often their meetings with the lion ends in fatal fights. But this time everything went differently thanks to the tricks of the leopard.

flock of lions

Pride – a family flock of lions, consisting of a bottom or several adult males, several sexually mature females and their cubs

Tourists noticed and filmed the animals while walking along Kruger National Park, South Africa. Pride surrounded the vacationer leopard. He realized that the mood of the owners of the savannah is clearly not peaceful, and behaved unexpectedly. He did not try to escape and did not show willingness to defend himself, but bowed his head, pressed his ears and fell to the earth. And then he even rolled onto his back – the most vulnerable to animal position. So he showed the lions that he didn’t going to fight and asks them for leniency.

The tactics turned out to be winning. Lions realized that they are not a leopard rival, and lost interest in him. And the beast, seizing the moment when forgot about him, with all his legs rushed away from the enemies.

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