Leonardo: Premium Cat Food by reliable manufacturer

Leonardo cat food

For those who get any cat of any breed, the main thing is not only enjoy the presence of a new funny resident, but also look after after him and the more right to feed.


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Feed Overview

Leonardo cat food

Leonardo’s wet food is a convenient, one-time dose, filling up the lack of fluid in the body of the pet

Leonardo cat food is the perfect food for cats of different breeds, ages, and activity levels.

The feed producer is the German company Bewital Petfood, which also produces food for dogs.

The main principle of the company is to use only fresh components, without the addition of offal.

Due to this, all useful components are 90% absorbed in the body of a pet and provide it with all vital important substances.

Unfortunately, not all breeders still know about this food and do not always get it, but in vain.

After all, high quality and balanced composition can save pets from many health problems and make life easier to the owner.

The manufacturer offers a large line of products in which includes:

  • wet food;
  • canned food;
  • dry food.

Every cat lover will be able to choose a comfortable look food for your pet.

All feeds are divided into categories:

  • for kittens;
  • neutered cats;
  • pregnant and cats after childbirth;
  • overweight cats;
  • adult cats.


Leonardo cat food

The composition of Leonardo’s feed is rich in a large number of useful components

For the preparation of food for cats, Leonardo is used only fresh ingredients such as:

  • chicken meat meal;
  • herring flour;
  • beef meat meal.

To increase the activity of animals, rice and cornmeal, which are high-grade sources easily digestible carbohydrates.

It is carbohydrates that will become sources of energy and help the cat Feel in good shape.

But at the same time, the gluten content in the diet is completely excluded, which will guarantee good digestion and lack allergic reactions.

Also in the composition are fats:

  • flax seeds (omega essential fatty acids)
  • chicken fat, purified by special technology;
  • antioxidant vitamin E.

For the formation of muscle mass, the feed contains the maximum proportion protein, which is at least 85%.

For good digestion and prevention of obesity in neutered animals, producers did not forget to add to the diet fiber in the form of:

  • bran;
  • cereals;
  • pulp of apple;
  • beet pulp.

For full bone growth, improving the appearance of the coat and just for the health of cats in dry, wet food and canned food a large number of useful trace elements are provided:

  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus.

Specially formulated additives are also added to the feed. ProFiber, MineralPlus, prebiotics, vitamin complex, yeast, beta-glycans, immunoprotectors, grape seed flour.

Advantages and disadvantages

Leonardo cat food

Leonardo’s food will delight anyone, even the most fastidious pet

The benefits of feed include:

  • Contains no artificial fillers.
  • A large number of nutrients in the composition.
  • Helps reduce weight in animal obesity or inactive lifestyle.
  • The food is provided in convenient forms: wet food, dry food and canned food.
  • High quality components.
  • The presence of flax in the composition will have a positive effect on work gastrointestinal tract of a cat. That is, she will not be tormented constipation and diarrhea.
  • Tannin, which is also present in feed, will help to avoid poisoning and will affect the body as an antibacterial means.
  • The product is low-calorie, but due to its composition it easily and quickly satisfies hunger and does not allow a cat to overeat.

Canned food in banks will help to store the product for a long time due to its complete tightness.

Wet food can be without exaggeration attributed to your favorite foods cats, as it helps replenish the required supply of fluid in the body.

Wet food bags are convenient because the norm is completely dosed and the animal eats a serving at a time.

Dry feeds do not spoil for a long time and they are very simple use in feeding, the main thing is to ensure that they are not in a humid place.

The disadvantages of cat food Leonardo include high a price that is fully offset by good German quality and the well-being of the pet.


Leonardo cat food

The feed contains healthy omega-rich fishmeal acids

Leonardo cat food is provided for all groups and breeds animals, including:

  • Burmese;
  • British
  • Russian blue and Nibelung;
  • Maine Coon;
  • And for other popular breeds.

Such food will fit perfectly into the diet of animals with various diseases, including obesity and digestive disorders tract.

Also, feed will be a great helper for castrated pets and animals with a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. For kittens up to a year, in particular, babies british and maine coon, well suited Kitten dry food. Such food will be an excellent option for transition from milk to solid food. Yeast helps boost immunity a kitten, and the large presence of protein ensures that muscle mass will develop fully. Manufacturers have provided features of the young body and reduced the content as much as possible starch.
  2. Oceanfish dry food is designed for cats with weak digestive tract. It includes ocean fish, which positively affects the condition of the coat and skin of the pet and does not will give an extra load on the stomach and intestines.
  3. Lamb dry food is recommended for cats that require special care. Lamb, which is part of it, will like its taste qualities of even the most finicky animals. Such food considered an excellent prevention of calculus, urolithiasis illnesses.

Also, a large number of flavors are provided in the food line, which are packed in the form of canned goods and disposable bags with wet food.

All are also designed for your healthy diet. pet, regardless of what breed he is and how old he is.


Leonardo cat food

Dry food is a convenient form of nutrition for any cats

Below are a few reviews from cat owners:

Arina, Yekaterinburg: “Recently introduced into the diet his beloved cat Sebastian Leonardo feed for prevention obesity. He’s castrated with us and does not want to actively move. The food really helped, Sebastian stopped overeating and gain weight. We decided to completely transfer the food of our pet to this feed. ”

Eugene, Samara: “Since our beautiful Musya got pregnant, decided to treat her with more expensive food and bought food Leonardo. Today our cat is safely nursed, but we decided not to change the feed, even despite the high the price. This is due to the fact that Musya has become more active, she has the appearance has improved and bowel problems have disappeared. ”

Andrey, Moscow: “We love our cat very much, therefore, we indulge, which, unfortunately, led to the appearance of excess weight. Turning to the veterinarian, found out about Leonardo’s feed and decided buy it and try it. The result after a while was on face. The cat stopped constantly overeating and noticeably lost weight. But with he doesn’t look miserable at all. ”

Camilla, Samara: “We breed for a long time cats and dogs, and therefore all the time we are looking for an optimally balanced and healthy nutrition for all pets. According to the best recommendations veterinarians began to feed Leonardo and remained completely, satisfied with the positive result. ”

Tatyana, Kamyshlov: “We have a unique cat is an exotic that we love and pamper, according to the recommendations of friends bought food for cats Leonardo. Now this is our favorite food, which is included in the daily diet. Result on the face: our favorite lost weight, became more active and healthy, as evidenced by condition of hair, teeth and nails. ”

Leonardo cat food

Leonardo food has a positive effect on pet hair


Leonardo cat food – the best option for castrated animals that are prone to obesity and disease cardiovascular, genitourinary system, as well as problems with digestion.

The food is ideal for all cat breeds, including bengal, savannah, toygers and egyptian mau in any age.

Dry and wet Leonardo food will completely fill the day the need for minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for due to a small dose of food.

The food is optimally suited for both prevention and treatment of many common pathologies in home and neutered animals.

Leonardo: Premium Cat Food From Reliable manufacturer

Leonardo cat food is the perfect choice satisfy all the needs of the body of a pet. Leonardo refers to premium feeds and is of high quality, about which says the nutritional composition. Leonardo’s cat food will be good assistant lovers and breeders of these animals.

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