Katavasia: how grandma can’t share her cat with a shelter

A pensioner from the Moscow region in mid-July announced missing the cat. Vaska was healthy and was in a shelter. Woman I went to pick him up, but the animal was not returned to her.

Employees of the shelter began to find out why the cat ran away from Tatyana Nikolaevna. As it turned out, they were not satisfied with the living conditions of the cat. They are completely sure that give Vaska back to the pensioner, he will run away again through a window on which there are no bars.

So this catavasia dragged on. From that moment, Tatyana Nikolaevna more than once came to the shelter for her pet. But patience the pensioner could not stand it, and once again she brought with her police officers and several film crews. This is also not helped – the cat was never returned.

It was not possible to deal with situations peacefully. Case about the lost cat Vaska was transferred to the Savelovsky court of the city Moscow. Tatyana Nikolaevna hopes that the judge will accept the right decision and return her beloved pet. After all, according to her, for Vaska created all the conditions, and he does not need anything.

Will Vaska look for new owners or give them to the previous owner – judge will decide.

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