Jackson put on his paws after a long rehabilitation

Jackson has a difficult fate. A year ago, the dog ran away from the flayer, who, as entertainment, shot him on New Year’s Eve, and after that they completely left to die in the forest.

Passers-by found the wounded animal and delivered it to the nearest vet clinic. At first, the doctors thought to euthanize the dog, but still decided give him a chance.

The director of the hospital – Veronika Stolbetsova – named the dog Jackson. The dog had to amputate two hind legs due to frostbite. Despite everything, Jackson survived. She took to her the most veterinarian Veronica.

Alexander from Nizhnevartovsk found out about the fate of the crippled dog, which has been helping stray animals for several years (his profile on Instagram @sobakafun). After a famous blogger told and shot a video about Jackson, there were caring people wishing to help the dog stand on its paws. For this two-legged dog was taken to Novosibirsk, where titanium prostheses were made for him. Operation It was difficult, because the doctors needed to install the dentures right on two paws.

A little later, Alexander shot a video about Jackson and his new paws. The dog quickly adapted and is already walking on the street with his mistress Veronica.

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